CMS Translations

Nopp. I have no idea why it’s taking so long… I think I will PM Melih.

I imagine they want to have a more complete application before starting to translate it.

May be the case, Melih is PMed and said that he will contact fanny

Is there any feedback from Fanny or Melih on this?

I can help on the Spanish translation and do some work when I have availability.

Nothing so far.

Thanks :slight_smile:

So what do I do to start?

You download notepad ++, open the lang file, save it as it + “_Spanish” but all this will happen when the lang file are available.

I can take care of polish translation.

Time goes by… Is there an official interest of Comodo having a German translation for CMS? Would be happy to have feedback of Fanny or Melih.


Melih asked that someone should make a thread so I made one, so I believe they are.

I want to JOIN THE TEAM and translate CMS to Chinese(Traditional & Simplified). And I have already translated it.

Thank you and welcome to the team! :slight_smile: Could you provide me the english lang pack?

Here is the english lang pack. I got it from CMS 1.2.19660.5.
I found some mistakes of language in it, such as:
1.<string name=scanresult_advice_test_cert_str"> “frequently” not “frequrently”
2.SMS Block Model Settings maybe it’s “Mode”
3. “feaures” or “feature”?
4.“relpace” or “replace”?
5.App Protector service is switched off. Please switch it on to it to enable protection. it will feel better if delete the “to it”
6.“We’ve changed the password forget authorization stratege, now please reset your password.” Google Translate test the word “stratege” is German and it suggest me to change to “strategy”.
7.Pop-up alerts when the used traffic is over the following percentage of the monthly quata “quata”? or “quota”?
8. Other mistakes I have not found.

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Is the language file available yet?

Nothing official yet.
I suspect this user has unpacked the apk and translated .xml files inside.
I would wait for an official language pack before putting time in the translation.

You are right. XDD

Ok! Ill do that. Thanks a lot Ronny. :-TU

Ronny, could you ask melih when the pack lang is ready?

Feel free to ask any French help :wink: