COMODO Mobile Security (CMS) 2.1.285438.45 is now released!

The new app permissions part looks cool. Does the options of deny or ask for each app only work if your rooted? When I try as turn on the protection it says root required.

Yes. You have to be rooted.


It doesn’t seem to.

Too bad, the most important function is missing, especially when average users dont open the GUI often & CMS can be set to autoupdate on WiFi only.

I have to use Avast till this feature is available in CMS.

good job guys!

Have they fixed the e-mail smtp server field being only 30 characters? (my smtp server is 31 characters <_<)
Edit: Not fixed.

:BNC Thanks great job.
Just have instaled on my mobile & suprise (:CLP) I dont know how , but now can transfer aps. from internal memory to memory card. There was propably something wrong with the system , but sorted out & work :-TU

and now is on my tablet (:TNG) as well

Released on Google Play. is synced with public release. Announcement updated.


Whats New section is not updated on GooglePlay. It still shows old changelog.

By the way, what is “New! x86 arch is supported. You can now enjoy CMS in VirtualBox or even your PC!”, little details plzz.

I second that ???

Hi mate,

Google Play release notes updated.
This new feature means you can install adroid in a virtualbox vm or your physical PC, and play with CMS on it.

Sorry for duplication but for those who have experienced the Update Issue, this should be resolved now. After talking with Herbzhang I’ve successfully updated to Signature v 94 on my phone. You still get a “update failed” message if you check for further updates but I’ve advised him to see about getting that message to instead indicate that your up-to-date.

Let me know if any of you have any further issues.



-Really slow phone startup (seems CMS has some trouble to get superuser permission fastly)

-Icon doesn’t appears in autostart if I don’t have opened manually the app before

-Cache cleaner doesn’t detect any cache files

-Update Definition fails

Tested on Lg Optimus 4X HD Jelly Bean

But version - 2.1.285438.46. While on the Market is 2.1.285438.45! Why?

Hi Hastr,

The Google Play Store always seems to take forever to update to the newest version. As far as I can make out the forum and site download is always the latest version. I’m presuming the difference between .45 and .46 are miniscule tweaks. It would be good if CMS would both compare the Play Store and the site for new versions. I’ll mention it to them.


why french translation is not available?

I translated all cms since many months

Please email (I believe he prefers emails) or PM Alexander Suvak to ask why rather than posting.

Also he has supplied a new set for translators here

I have used Avast Mobile Security for some years but have now installed CMS.

I am really very pleased with Comodo´s solution including the Battery Saver. All parts running really smooth I have not yet had any issues with CMS.

Good Work :-TU

my contact by mail for translations was liliwang. he had all xml files i have translate.

Sorry it appears you missed this post, and nobody contacted you personally to inform you of the change.