Choppy or Jerky Flash Video [Merged]

Since I updated to CD v33.0.0.0 using Adobe Flash Player v13.0.0.182, flash video is jerky on all sites. Adobe Flash Player v13.0.0.182 worked fine on CD 31.1.

It doesn’t happen using IE.
Tried incognito mode disabling extensions which doesn’t help.
I disabled Do not allow websites to know where you came from (suppress HTTP Referrer header), Enable phishing and malware protection, Send a ‘Do Not Track’ request with your browsing traffic, Use hardware acceleration when available, which doesn’t help.
I reinstalled Flash Player which doesn’t help. (I don’t know where to find previous versions)

Anyone else having this issue?

Issue is present on both of my systems…

XP SP3 32-bit
Vista SP2 32-bit
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Hi Jamin4u,
I can’t help you out much as you have already tried most of what I would have suggested.
Also I have not experienced any issues with Flash myself.

I can help you with previous versions though.
In the link below, select the preferred version from the right hand column.
Comodo Dragon-Filehippo

Kind regards.

Thanks for the reply, I was referring to previous versions of Flash Player.

Sorry about the confusion.
Archived Flash Player versions-Adobe

I’ve seen that archive page of Adobe Flash Player but the download size is 140.36 MB. Whats in it?

I’d like to stay current with both CD and Flash Player rather than revert back to an older version of one.

My goal of trying an older version of flash player is one of trouble shooting the issue.


I just realised they are only offering full archives 32/64-bit complete with debug versions included specifically aimed at Developers, my mistake sorry. :-[

Below is probably a more suitable site.

Thanks for the link. I installed flash and that didn’t help. My next step would be to revert to CD v31.1 but I read in another post that the user profile has changed in v33. So backing up my current profile wouldn’t be compatible with v31.1. Is that true? I didn’t make a current backup before updating CD to V33. I would lose to many added bookmarks. Unless there’s a workaround.

I updated my systems from V31.1 to V33 using the same user profile with no issues.
Keeping a backup is important though in case issues occur.
The following link has my suggestion for protection from loss of bookmarks.
Tip: Export your ‘Bookmarks’ to a HTML file for safe keeping.

Kind regards.

I can vouch for this issue, trying to watch Twitch TV live streams end up with a choppy video at about 5 frames per second. This is definitely related with v33 as it was fine yesterday when I was on the previous version, and is fine for a mate of mine who is still on that version.

I did try reverting to 31.1 however I kept getting errors saying that I couldn’t sync because my user profile was for the later version (or something along those lines) so that was an inconvenience and not an option. This needs resolving. NEEDS especially since it’s impossible to go back with your user profile… sigh Looks like I’ll be using Dragon alongside regular Chrome to watch Twitch streams until this is resolved…

Hi and welcome CompuTekBrain,
Thanks for this information. :-TU
I had not personally tried reverting back in regards to using the same user profile, only forwards.

Thanks, that is good to know.

Exactly the same story here. ???

Same issue I am having here, for example if you even launch, you may notice the framerate of the animations to be quite poor. Also on some video streaming sites the video framerate is around 10.
No issues on other browsers or older versions of CD.


You gave me an idea for a temporary solution in this topic and another topic.

First: exported CD bookmarks to HTML file. Thanks for the link above.

(bottom of page)

Second: installed CD v31 portable, imported bookmarks :azn: , installed some important extensions, and tweaked settings to my liking.

(choose portable at install)

I’ll leave CD v33 installed and wait for a fix.

I’ll also make more regular profile backups of my installed version of CD as to keep bookmarks as well as settings handy for when issues occur.

Thank you

@captainsticks Hello! And thanks for the welcome :slight_smile:

Seems there are a few of us coming here and registering just to report this issue, I registered because it was the only way to report the bug :wink:

Glad to hear it’s not only a select few though, and more than one.

I’ll probably use CD for my normal stuff, but have regular Chrome open for running flash things until a fix arises :3

Did you read my post above your’s?

I like CD over Chrome and the portable version seems like a better alternative.

Yeah I did read it, but I already have Chrome installed so as much as I don’t like using it, it’ll only be for watching Twitch TV livestreams so there shouldn’t be any big issue. But I definitely agree, I much prefer CD over Chrome

I have the same problem as well on CD v33.0.0.0. My parents also have the problem along with 3 friends. Guessing something not right with the latest version for some people. :slight_smile:

We’re all running Windows 8.1.1 on assorted makes of laptops.

We’ve given trying to find a work around and all gone back to CD v29, which works fine still.

Guess I’ll just watch this space for updates on the problem. :slight_smile:

i have the same issue here. it seems that the new update is not friendly to adobe flash player. looks like its eating the flash player’s resources and causing it to jutter/lag on the streams/videos. i couldnt find a way around it. i realise this was the issue going on with comodo dragon itself. please fix this comodo dragon. we rather have your browser over google chrome.

Dear Comodo help

I have 2 notebooks. The first model is asus g53jw (Win7 x64), the second is acer one 722 (Win8.1 x64). The issue is reproduces on the both. It started as soon as I got 33 CD.
It’s very unpleasant to have a browser which can’t play video online in normal state. I hope you can fix it asap.

(I had the problem on all versions of Chrome when installed it on acer one 722. But when I disabled the “Chrome Adobe Flash Player” plugin, it fixed the problem for Chrome.)

CD user

Yup, experiencing this too, quite annoying when trying to watch adult content.

I can’t even watch streams on Twitch because “Shockwave Flash” or whatever just crashes… Doesn’t bother me much though since I use Livestreamer with mpv which I find much better than the actual twitch player (also use pop-out chat)

(I have come to the conclusion that every CD release will have some sort of issue 88) )