PepperFlash in Comodo Dragon v42

The above workaround does not work anymore. Can anyone confirm, please? Really do not want to use Adobe Flash Player.

I wouldn’t know, but why don’t you want to use Adobes PPAPI Flash Player?

It’s slower and buggier than PepperFlash. Not to mention the many vulnerabilities, although I’m not certain how Google’s PepperFlash compares to it in that regard.

Hi danburrito,
The workaround is no longer required.
Following the instructions in the quote below will give you Pepperflash (PPAPI).

Kind regards.

Thank you for the reply, captainsticks.

I was aware of the option to install Adobe’s version of Pepperflash, however, it performs nowhere near Google’s Pepperflash.

Also, Google provides newer features in their version, while Adobe makes weekly news about a new vulnerability discovered.

Adding the auto-detection of the pepperflash folder in the Comodo Dragon program directory, or when Google Chrome is installed, in previous version of Comodo Dragon made things simple enough.

Hi danburrito,
Google in coordination with Adobe created PPAPI supported platforms and plugins.
The flash plugin used in Chrome is developed/maintained by Adobe, the downloaded PPAPI flash and PPAPI flash that is included with Chrome is the same plugin.
Clarification in the external links below.
Adobe Flash Player plug-in-Google Support
Chrome Releases
Flash Player plugin-ArchWiki
Adobe Flash Player Versions-Adobe

Most mentioned vulnerabilities are with NPAPI plugins, not PPAPI plugins.

Kind regards.

Thank you for the clarification, captainsticks.