Flash not working in Comodo Dragon 33.1 with Chrome 37 64-bit installed

Windows 7 64-bit
Comodo Dragon 33.1
Google Chrome 37 64-bit

I got tired of the lack of development in the Comodo browsers (despite claims that they are being worked on) and decided to try the 64-bit Chrome for Windows that has been released on the stable channel. I wanted to compare, among other things, the speed differences between the Chrome and Dragon.

After installing Chrome 64, I get the following error message in Comodo Dragon “Could not load Shockwave Flash”. Since Google so efficiently deleted all other versions of Chrome, there apparently is no acceptable version of pepperflash available for Dragon to borrow.

If I cannot find a way to make my out of date Dragon work, I’ll give up on it until/if ever Comodo decides to return to keeping it up to date in both features and security (and hopefully brings out a Dragon 64-bit version as well).

Any work arounds, including a source for 32-bit pepperflash that doesn’t require uninstalling Chrome 64 bit, installing 32 bit, etc.?

Hi Carl99,

Kind regards.