Choppy or Jerky Flash Video [Merged]

Same experience here after upgrading to CD v33.0.0.0; Windows 7/SP1, fresh install including all O/S updates. All was well with v31.0.0.0.

Almost any flash content crashes shockwave for me. Windows 8 64bit.
Makes many sites unusable.

I think we’ve established now that there are loads of us, all with different operating systems experiencing the same problem since the update, looks like something COMODO need to get onto resolving as quickly as possible to prevent losing a large portion of the user base of CD :3

Aye! Well funded websites such as YouTube do not exhibit much of a problem but this is a noticeable annoyance in many sites (e.g., anime websites). I compared various sites and Flash content with Dragon 33.0 (local intallation) is not as clear as it is with Dragon 31.1 (portable installation) using Adobe Flash Player plugin.
p.s. This is why we should not press to rush a release. >:-D

I also tried Adobe Flash Player beta but that did not help. I will downgrade to Dragon 31.1 until this issue is fixed :cry:
The newer version showed some improvement in other regards.

I tried with almost every browser and it’s only choppy with the new comodo or new flash. Videos or streams are really slow, flash sites are sluggish and i don’t know what to do.

CD version:
Flash version:

I use temporarily Opera for flash sites but i need to get this issue fixed asap.

If you try the above link and tell me if it’s on my side or general, i’d be glad.

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Well, I try to think positive and remembered that when I upgraded/installed Dragon there was a check-box for installing Flash. So I uninstalled Dragon and Flash, and installed Dragon checking the box for also installing Flash. The result I got was Dragon 33.0 with Adobe Flash Player version 11.9.900.170, which I thought was old but gave it a try. The link given before by emrextreme proved this was not a solution to the problem. :-TD

I believe YouTube runs HTML5 video which is why no stuttering is experienced on there, but anywhere that flash is present there’s a problem with the new version :stuck_out_tongue:

You can choose between HMTL5 and Flash on Youtube, I use Flash (forced through extension Youtube Center) and I don’t notice much of an issue on youtube, however embeded youtube videos are really choppy.

Reading the prompt workaround thread a comment from fungus303 made me think today’s upgrade for Adobe Flash Player now would improve matters. However checking Adobe Flash Player’s about page made me realize this issue cannot be ignored yet. I am glad an update for Dragon is on the works.

downgrade to 31 don’t solve, complete uninstall, install and disable automatic update. first time ever downgrade comodo dragon, :-X

Nope, now “The HTML5 player is currently used when possible.” if you are using Chrome, and YouTube apparently believes that Dragon is Chrome.

Hi all,

If i double post, sorry.

I’ve big problem with flash player, when i try to run any website with this plugin i’ve got slideshow. I’m, using:

  • FP13.0.0.206
  • W7pro 64Bit

Other browsers work well.

Thanks for any help!

agreed… embedded videos using flash run really slow, causing the video to chug and is not smooth or watchable

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Unfortunately there is an issue using Flash with the current Dragon version.
Please see the workaround in the link below until this issue is resolved.
Dragon 33 - Flash Player issues workaround!


Do we have an ETA on a fix at all?

I have the same problem here. Windows 7 64bit. sp1

the workaround is a bit too much hassle tbh, ill just use firefox until an update comes out.

I can also confirm this issue on Win7 x32, Win7 x64 and Win8.1 x64.

Running Comodo Dragon in a virtual machine with no additional software doesn’t help. Using a completely clean profile doesn’t help. Uninstalling/Reinstalling Flash Player doesn’t help.

I really want to use Comodo Dragon again… :frowning:

Same problem here after one of the new updates flash player has been playing with a really low frame rate on most video’s. I can definitely confirm that it is your update that is the cause because at the moment ive had to install a portable version of the browser and not update it so i can watch videos in an acceptable frame rate.

Been having this problem for a while now. Glad to hear there are others having the issue and is not some malware bug…

Sometimes flash will just crash altogether and I will have to open most links in firefox to watch, and if I want 30fps. Right now CD has been having this issue for at east a few weeks…