Brand New Comodo Internet Security 10 Hotfix Version is Released !

Hello Everybody!! :slight_smile:

We’re very happy to announce that Brand New Comodo Internet Security 10 with Secure Shopping Hotfix version is released! :-TU

Previous week we have released our new born Comodo Internet Security 10 with brand features such as Secure Shopping included in free package and many improvements according to your feedbacks. This week we have followed up your feedbacks on forum very closely and we have worked on your feedbacks. Here we are with the new hotfix version which also includes interim offline installer.

We appreciate your nice feedbacks on the new version and we are very happy to see that this powerful system with new user friendly user interface is getting nice comments from our precious users.

We will keep listening to our users’ voice and keep improving Comodo Internet Security 10 with CPU Enforced OS Virtualization (Automatic Containment) and Secure Shopping !

Comodo Internet Security provides the one and only seamless protection online & offline with CPU Enforced OS Virtualization (Automatic Containment) and Secure Shopping ; for Free !

Run any file virtually; no matter if it is a harmful file or not. It can not give any harm to your PC! If something is unknown, it is automatically put into containment where it runs until a verdict can be rendered on whether it is good or bad.

As a core element of Comodo Internet Security seamless protection, Default Deny Posture is now even more improved and easy to use.

Default Deny Posture provides a trust verdict on 100% of the files. This avoids false positives. Your unknown files will be evaluated with a a variety of techniques ! This approach provides both protection and detection on your endpoint !

You can stay home and Shop & Bank online securely! With this new version we now provide you True Security for Online Banking and Shopping. When you shop & bank online inside Secure Shopping environment, your security and privacy is guaranteed. Not only while browsing in the internet , doing online shopping and banking but also while running VPN clients and file sharing clients such as Drop Box and any shopping app inside Secure Shopping !

Let’s remember What’s new in Comodo Internet Security 10 :

Watch Now (:s*)

Let’s remember What’s Secure Shopping:

Watch Now (:s*) Best Online Secure Shopping by Comodo Internet Security - YouTube

True security for online banking and shopping - Now included in the free package!

This unique tool provides extreme security for online banking and shopping by allowing you to connect to the internet from within a highly secure, virtual environment.

Secure Shopping will be available with CIS free, CIS Pro and CIS Complete packages .

Protection points for Secure Shopping can be listed as:

  • Connect to sensitive websites from inside a dedicated, security-hardened environment.

  • Key-logger prevention stops hackers from recording your keystrokes.

-Takeover protection warns you if there is a remote connection to your computer

  • Prevents hackers and malware taking screenshots of your session

  • Blocks man-in-the-middle attacks by detecting fake SSL certificates

  • Process isolation hides sensitive personal data from other processes.

But Secure Shopping isn’t just for the internet! You can now run any application you want inside the secure environment to protect it from hostile processes.

-Run applications installed on your endpoint

Users have the ability to run not only browsers but any application in Secure Shopping.

-Remote Connection Protection

Users receive an alert if CIS detects a remote connection during a Secure Shopping session.

-Screenshot Protection

Any screenshots taken of the Secure Shopping environment will be automatically blacked-out, preventing hackers and malware from taking captures of sensitive online information.

A Unique Protection Tool !

Comodo believes that Security is a right and not a luxury; for this reason this unique tool is for Free ! Now we even have advanced protection with our new Patent-Pending Fileless Malware protection technology! Fileless malware are types of malicious code used in cyber-attacks that don’t use files to launch the attack and carry on the infection on the affected device or network. Regarding our new Fileless Malware protection patent-pending technology, we are in preparation of a whitepaper. Once we finish, we will share it with you accordingly.

We have also received many nice reviews after our last Major Release for CIS10. Some of the nice reviews we have received during the week can be checked via below links :

Thank you very much for all your support and let’s check what‘s New, Improved and Fixed with this new Hotfix Release !

PS: Please note that updates are not available for now, existing users on v8.x and v10.x can make a re-installation for CIS 10 latest version. Updates will be available with next coming release

What’s New in Comodo Internet Security

• Interim Offline Installer:

We are still working on proper offline installer, in the mean time based on high demand, we are providing CIS Premium installer, it doesn’t come with Secure Shopping by default but you can always install Secure Shopping from main interface via clicking on Secure Shopping task !

• New Internet Security Essentials version with Windows 10 compatibility issues fixed

What’s Improved?

• Updated Internet Security package compatible with Windows 10 1607
• Updated Notification settings as integration with Windows Security Center for Windows 10

What’s Fixed ?

• Microsoft Edge crashes
• Files installed by trusted installers are added to file list as trusted when file rating setting is disabled

Download Location

Comodo Internet Security

Size: 5.3M ( 5456584 )
MD5: 7d42dc0ef1eb95a1b668404087eeef70
SHA1: 2a259e6962f5df5a6cb4c25e0f7c7a716ddd1b0a

Comodo Antivirus

Size: 5.3M ( 5456576 )
MD5: ac48b853d32a3ed0049fe7155950c526
SHA1: 4cc2c97c0932ce482c231d0233f5f7e661b42c4d

Comodo Firewall

Size: 5.3M ( 5456576 )
MD5: dce4bf777b8c96100b15ea9dac93ed5e
SHA1: fe764f89779b2ae710135e83f43cb0b33632d912

Comodo Internet Security Premium Offline Installer v10.0.0.6092 (Interim)

Size: 70.3 MB (73,804,768 bytes)
MD5: 5e7a4de551efc2e8a3d4dfba8f3d4566
SHA-1: 44f33d9f8501f004ace7c45abfe17aca222604c3

still 404 I’ll check back later

Hi futuretech,

We need to wait until servers are synched please. There are currently no issues on the download links. Please try again later.

Kind Regards

Working in UK.


Thanks for the release :-TU

Ok working now, but umm 1.1 GB for the offline package .bin file?

Nice to see offline downloads to be added.
Is it suggested to do clean install or is it ok to install over version 8

Congrats for the new release and thank you for providing offline installers.

Does also Comodo Firewall have Internet Security Essentials?

At the time when an update will be available for 8.x users, will ISE be installed also updating CFW 8.x?

Secure Shopping not working with either of my two banks, they both fail in the same way.

The browser doesn’t know what to do with .woff files.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi loverboy,

Yes, Comodo Firewall 10 has Internet Security Essentials. If you run the update only -when the updates are available on next release-, you would only get the program updates for Firewall. In order to also have Internet Security Essentials , you would need a re installation.

For your information,

Uninstalled the old CFW 10 and installed the new one.
Imported my configuration (made from scratch with CFW 10), HIPS and sandbox rules not remembered, plus the trusted vendor list is the default one (I manually removed a lot of entries).
CISE not re-installed (I uninstalled it with the first CFW version).
Window resizing bug not solved.
Sandbox alerts still work only by windows notification.

Really disappointed :-TD

So still windows notification for sandbox alerts.

AV alerts showing up i.e AV alerts were not showing up on detection/quarantine?

Does the premium offline installer gives the option to install firewall only?

Should the first version update to this one? Mine shows up to date.


I am sorry that your issues have not yet been resolved Jon. They are being looked into - I have talked to Comodo about them (including the new installer issues you raise) this morning.

Kind regards


I think probably not yet autoupate enabled yet as v10 release is being phased.

Kind regards


Thank you so much for listening to us for the offline installer :slight_smile:

It really helps when we want to install CIS on a computer before connecting it to the internet.

I will be waiting for the next version of the final offline installer. Will check and see how this new version
behaves :slight_smile:

I have a question related to the 10.x version.

When files are automatically sandbox, I only get a Metro-style notification, with no option to “not sandbox again” in the future
if i trust the app.

Is there any way i can revert to the old style notification boxes in Windows 10? Or to have the option to “not sandbox again”
readily available ?

Manually taking files out of the sandbox can be done but it’s more time consuming :slight_smile:

Thank you

You can use unblock from the main gui, which creates rules to exempt from all modules.