HIPS - adaptive mode

Adaptive mode in HIPS module, making W10 completely unresponsive, sometimes when HIPS shows alert.

The same problem has a Shoonay:

Please provide a complete memory dump when system is unresponsive.

More info :

“To initiate a crash, make sure you have saved all data in all user files then hold down the RIGHT Ctrl Key and press Scr Lk key twice
Wait for memory dump to be created, this may take some time.”

I can’t initiate crash… :-\ When I press keys nothing happens. Someone has the same problem and can do this? :embarassed:

Try to restrict physical memory to 1900 MB for example. Sometimes it’s not triggered due to large amounts of RAM.
(example guide : https://support.kaspersky.com/general/dumps/12402#block1)

Also, press the keys multiple times. It might help.

As there has been no responses with the requested information I am moving this to the incomplete issues section. To anyone who are experiencing this issue please create a new post using the required bug report format. Thank you.