Virtualization (Returnil)

not sure if v1 will have that or not…

can u pls explain the benefit of this?

I have found Returnil Personal Edition to be a fine program. I’d just like to add that if you install malware that steals information with Returnil protection on, a reboot cannot undo this type of damage. So even with Returnil it’s a good idea to encrypt valuable documents with TrueCrypt or similar, take steps to thwart keyloggers, etc.

For those of you who wish to test on your physical machine products that require a reboot, you might wish to try freeware Microsoft Windows SteadyState. I don’t have much experience with this product. If I recall, the negatives of this product are that it puts a big cache file on your hard drive, and also the transition from protected state to non-protected state adds minutes to boot time.

That is an excellent point indeed! (re: malware…)



Mr Brain: I have found Returnil Personal Edition to be a fine program. I'd just like to add that if you install malware that steals information with Returnil protection on, a reboot cannot undo this type of damage.
does this also include SafeSpace also or is SafeSpace on a different level ?

I don’t have experience with SafeSpace, but in general if a program is allowed to communicate to the outside world, then it could steal whatever it’s able to read.

I under stand thank for your answer

Safespace is a type of sandbox/partial virtualisation app.,similar in certain ways to Sandboxie so, in theory it should contain any online malware,if running a web browser within it and prevent any access to your ‘real system’.Returnil ‘clones’ the entire system and offers no additional protection against single session malware,as has been stated.

Simple. I assume you are familiar with how snapshots in virtual machine works?

This is the same except it is all done on your real computer.

Basically, you can create multiple snapshots that you can go back to. So say you create a snapshot A just before you install a program. Then you install the program and create a snapshot B. Then you can go back to snapshot A.
At anytime you can also go back to snapshot A,b etc… create more snapshots etc…

See eaz-fix. You generally need only very little hard-disk storage space for each snapshot because of some technical trickery.

Technically this is not quite the same but far more powerful than retunril like products…

yes this is totally different product cos likes of returnil etc does not store an image as such…
they simply ignore any future modifications from a point onward.

So for this, one would have to create a new ability to store multiple images, which is a totally new products…
we have put that in our wishlist to discuss.

Hi guys, if Melihs’ dev team come out with something as good as Sandboxie without the necessity of reboots to
clear the virtual environment and you use an excellent free program like Androsa File Protector at 256 bit encryption
as I do for your sensitive files along with CPF v3.0 and the eventual final CAV v3.0 I suspect everybody will have
achieved a perfectly safe environment in which to surf the net IMHO, agreed Melih? :wink:






It wouldn’t need to be a totally new product,something along the lines of Rollback RX perhaps?

New? in terms of functionality not existing in other products? No heavens not. Comodo doesn’t produce many new security products per se in terms of functionalty (and yes rollback rx is one of the products with the functionality I am referring to)

It is however DIFFERENT from the retunril like product they are thinking of releasing soon. So they can’t just tag it on quickly.

There would be benefits to adopting a ‘rollback’ functionality rather than the good,but limited, Returnil option.The convenience of creating multiple snapshots would be a big plus.

Sure there are benefits (I was the one who asked about the feature remember?).

Melieh’s point is that it is not just a simple extension of retunril features, so it is not a simple matter to add.

:BNC The product is out : Great job Comodo


Download from where?

COMODO DiskShield BETA Released!

Hail to the Emperor

Commodus I need your help with Returnil. How do I have a session or a folder in Returnil? Believe me when I said this I have spent 4 hours last night trying to figure this out, to no avail. HELP I’m losing my head on this.


and Be kind to your subjects.

I don’t use it, so I forgot all about it :-[ Sorry

I think it would be best to carefully read the help files and visit the forums

I have wanted to use such software, but it got on my nerves ;D

Have you tried COMODO’s DiskShield ? Some say it’s a lot better :slight_smile: