Virtualization (Returnil)

Hi guys ! Today I found a new great program and I want to share with you.

The program is called Returnil Virtual System. I think it’s better than Sandboxie or any other virtualization product I tried. Why ?

Read it yourselves and than try it ! No impact on system resourses ! No danger of losing data or getting infected !

No danger of losing data or getting infected !
Of course not, it killed my cd drive. >:(
no impact on system resourses !
Well this is impossible (:NRD)
I found a new great program
LOL :) Fun for you, you're only a day late ;D. It was given away for free yesterday on ^_^.


Yeah I know ;D But really ? It killed you cd drive ? :o

Yes it did. >:(

I did find a repair, but … Now in my context menu something strange is always first :-[.


Maybe you did something wrong ??? But I don’t think that’s possible. It’s so simple. Now I always put my downloads into a virtual drive :slight_smile:

Maybe you did something wrong
What could I do wrong ? Just install, create partition and set on. Restart :). Then find out my cd drive is gone, then try to delete, see that it needs to be off. Restart. Delete Finding a solution to cddrive problem Hating Returnil ;D


Pitty for you (:SAD) Well since you are here… Where’s the chocolates ? (:TNG) (:AGY) (:LGH)

No chocolat for free . Where’s the money first ?


Well you should share with a member of our clan ;D

You’re not in the testing group. ;). So in what clan are we?

In any case, i did enjoy the movie. So here ya go ^_^.


Oh yeah !!! (:TNG) Sweetness. We are in Comodo Clan buddy (:WIN)

And the movie was great, cos I was staring in it (:KWL)

I use Returnil without problems.
I test all programs first with Returnil,hehehe. If i like it, i reboot andreinstall, if i don’t like it, i reboot, and no program installed, no left overs in registry…

Me too, when I don’t need my cd drive, I will reinstall it. If I need it again, I delete it (:WIN)

Comodo clan, I’m part of it? Of course not, give me the prove ;D


Oh please ! We are in the forum at least. :■■■■

No I’m not :wink: I still want prove ;D



Is this an antivirus product Soya ???

Where is the prove Commodus ?



If you’re not in the Comodo’s forum, how the hell do you post ? ??? 88)

Unless you’re running in a Returnil session then of course you’re not really here just your clone. (:WIN)

By writing words in the air ;D.

Cloning ? Is that even allowed in this forum ? :wink:

!ot! !ot! !ot! !ot! !ot!

Heu, to get back on topic, hey I don’t need to, it’s commodus’s topic and he choses where to talk about ^_^. Viva Commodus, the fallen emperor


All hail me ! ;D Anyway people - Returnil is a great app. Simple, pretty and effective. :slight_smile: And it can be used to test malware samples. I’m doing it right now. :smiley: I’m testing Kaspersky 7.0, BitDefender 2008, Panda 2008, Norton 2008, McAffe 2008, Trend Micro 2008, CA 2008 and G-DATA 2008.
Later I’m gonna test free products - Avast, AVG, Avira, ClamWin and COMODO ;D

Oh. And thanx to Burillo for a malware collection add :wink: