“This browser does not support video playback.” [Merged]


I have latest Comodo Dragon browser with pepper flash installed…
I have twitter account and while I surfing I realized that CD cannot open twitter videos.
The error message says “This browser does not support video playback.” :-TD

are there any lack of codec in Comodo Dragon? How can I solve this?
I tested on Google Chrome and Comodo IceDragon. They can play this video. The problem only for CD.

Here is one of the example of those videos : https://twitter.com/soloturk/status/607550476398260224 (you can check it without twitter login) There are many videos with this problem, this is just an example.

How to solve this ?

  • I tried “disable hardware acceleration”
  • I tried “disable all extension” to prevent any crash with extensions


Added “[Merged]” to the subject. JoWa

Yes. The video uses AVC/H.264 for video and AAC for audio, which are not supported by Dragon/Chromodo, as they are proprietary (costly for Comodo to support).

You can not solve that, AFAIK.

BTW, IceDragon uses the system’s decoders.

I understood. What should you recommend?
like me, all dragon and chromodo users cannot watch those kind of videos. Why comodo why?

What can I recommend? That you ask Twitter and others to use VP9 and Opus/Vorbis? That you ask Comodo to make Dragon/Chromodo use the system’s decoders for proprietary formats? That you use a browser that supports the formats you need it to support?

Just because of this I am using IceDragon now.
I pointed the problem on latest “Chromodo released” topic. You can keep an eye on this.

Absolutely pathetic that Dragon can’t play the world’s biggest social media programme’s videos from Twitter…I don’t want to leave my favourite browser, but you are forcing me to…
Shame on you! :-TD

I just wonder why twitter can’t use formats that are more browser friendly?


Because there is not one format is supported by all browsers. While WebM (VP8/VP9/Vorbis/Opus) is supported by all variants of Chromium and Firefox, AVC/AAC is supported by Chrome, Opera, IE, Edge, Safari, and on most systems, Firefox (+ derivatives).

Maybe there is light in the tunnel: Alliance for Open Media

And support for VP9 and Opus (and likely Vorbis too) is coming to Edge: Announcing VP9 support coming to Microsoft Edge

Thanks JoWa,
Open media could solve a lot of issues. :-TU

I realise not any one format is supported by all browsers, but some formats are more compatible with a greater range than others as you have pointed out.

Some site creators also appear to make more of an effort than others in compatibility with less limitations.


Open media could indeed sort things…
However, I have spent time today checking other browsers and Dragon is the only one that can’t play twitter videos.
I love Dragon for its speed and security and simplicity - I hate having to change to another browser just to see twitter clips that only Dragon can’t play. If they play on Chrome and Chromium, WHY won’t they play on chrome based Dragon?
Very frustrating

They play in Chrome because Google pays for it (licensing fees). They do not play in Chromium, unless it’s built to decode proprietary formats, and if it is, the one who built it has to pay the licensing fees to MPEG LA.

Opera? Yes, Opera is built upon Chromium and supports proprietary formats, but it does so using the system’s decoders, just like Firefox does. I guess that is what Comodo is working on implementing.

Hello JoWa,

What do you think my friend about this problem? It is still persist in the latst Chromodo and Dragon browsers v45s…


Hello yigido.

I don’t have much to say at this time. I’ve been too busy to try any new software.

Quoting yours truly from the release topic:

There is a way to dynamically link the ffmpeg.dll in order to deal with h264 video. I believe Vivaldi does this.

Hi Sartre,
I imagine there could be licencing agreements involved.

Kind regards.

Hello EricJH,

Are there any news from Shane about this problem ?


Thanks for reminding. I sent a pm to Shane and Alp but haven’t heard from them. I resent it hoping for an answer. But with the weekend neigh I would expect a reply no earlier than Monday.

I got word from Shane. They are working on h264, AAC, Amazon and Netflix support with very very high priority.

Thank you. I hope they will be available in upcoming release. Many users are annoyed. (me too)
Do you have any news about the next release time to solve this?