The Everything Is Off-Topic Thread

 I have been around Comodo a bit now and the reason I am in General discussion a lot is because I don't have many issues with Comodo so can't really help those who do , with a few exceptions. Now the General discussion says anything and everything (off topic). With the exception of some obvious things you don't want to discuss or go into on these forums, I have ran across a few replies who see the posted topic and seem irritated that we don't stick to topic. This got me thinking, if this is general discussion, do we in fact stick to the general discussion topic? There seems a fine line here. Is it General discussion topic wise only and we should stick to this topic? 

So in fact this topic really contains whatever you want, bunnies in a blender, etc…So I started this thread, for off topic blab. Say hi, say bye, drop a friendly MIL joke (mother in law), etc…

Of course this thread could be mowed like a blade of grass by any moderator or above, (:AGL) but once again, I thought it may be a good idea to help keep the other Comodo threads clean. (:KWL)
Cheers, have a cup of coffee … C[_]


I found <Rgreene501’s> little bunny in a blender to be hilarious so figured i’d put it here…

This is Bunny.


This is Bunny in a blender.
\ (__/
\ ) ‘.’ (/
\ (’’)/

| |
| |

As long is there is no breach of forum rules, off topic posts, such as this are welcome. However, first time posters may sometimes be treated as spam depending on their topic(s).

BTW bunny said that isn’t him in the blender, and you will never find him.


Lol you have no idea how fast bunnies multiply so even if it was him in a blender it doesn’t matter, there are already many more bunnies hopping around on the Comodo Forums wanting world domination!!!

Ok, I see bunny’s back in your sig after dissappearing. :wink:

This is Bunny’s son ;D

Ok cool :smiley: Does he have a name?

Ok, I see but perhaps you could answer a question for me. The title is General Discussion (off topic) Anything and everything…etc…which doesn’t really make this topic of no topics any different except for the basic rules correct? I noticed you mention breach of forum rules, and make no mistake, you know by now I am not out to break rules or cause any grief here and in no way am I arguing this I would not do that…>

<…That said, I am simply confused. :stuck_out_tongue: My thoughts were that many like to add little comments or jokes or just say something which , ok, bare with me…and often you get (no offense) newbies who mention “doesn’t anyone stick to the topic?” So I in fact thought about this a while, this is General Discussion, (off topic,) <<within Comodo’s rules of course>> :wink: If I started a topic so that additonal comments could be made without cluttering the original topics. So what constitutes general discussion in this forum? If someone posts , do people in fact have to stick to that topic within the (off topic) thread? Also if some newbies could be treated as spam, couldn’t this in fact happen in any thread? Once again Mike, I am not arguing or anything of the sort, if a topic such as this one I created somehow breaks these rules, please let me know and I will crumple it and throw it in the burn pit, pronto! :slight_smile:

Along with BUNNY !!!
!! !!

Burnt bunny!!! Can you smell what the rock is cookin’?



Nope, Paul put his Dad in a blender before he had a chance to name him >:( :stuck_out_tongue: ;D

Justin, did you look at the newest avatar I created? It’s in the avatar adding thread.



In general it’s best to stick to the topic of the thread, but in the general discussion this is less so as it can be about anything. What I mean by newbies being mistaken for spam is this: If someone comes straight to the forum and says in their first post go look at this product here etc it could be taken as spam advertising, but if they’ve posted before then it won’t.

A topic such as this does not break any rules. :wink:

I hope it’s a bit clearer what I meant. :slight_smile:


So bunny’s an orphan without a name :’( Paul, you’re so cruel >:( ;D


I can name him… I think that his name should be SCOMODO™
This is SCOMODO.


Like it :wink:


doesn’t want world domination… he want’s Universe Domination!
Did i tell you that he’s a bit shy…?

Ok, thanks for the info Mike. By the way, the bunny in a blender was by Rgreene501, so the blame goes to him…loll. I simply tore the bunny apart. :smiley:



Lol Look I changed my Signature to match his new name ;D

I have to put him in my sig too… ;D

Lol, put him like I did in mine since the old bunny was murdered by Paul and Rgreene501.

Yay Scomodo™ will gain World Domination!!!

Murderers! (:AGY)

It really doesn’t matter, because now SCOMODO™ takes over the world/Universe! (:CLP)