Some Screenshots of CIS... *UPDATED*

What are your minimum expectations towards this highly awaited Antivirus? Are you hopeful of a once in for all solution to your _PCs’ security concerning the launch of CIS? Please voice your concerns towards your expectations or your personal preferences of this much anticipated release prior to its’ happening, share with the masses to reach a minimalist consensus of your expectations from Comodos’ efforts now. In the real context of what they are preparing to unleash, final but realistic wish list. Remember though the primary goal in all of this is the importance of prevention over detection beforehand and above all…

Now’s the time to voice your concerns in my opinion and please avoid frivolous requests or demands…

Last chance

Regards All :-TU (:KWL)

As far as i can follow, the forum users were asked to stop asking for the release date, then they could sign up for a notification message as to when the release would have happened.

Now another thread on what we would like to see, when it comes out?

The actual release, of course.


(nevertheless thanks for free software. Still keep finding the toolbar option bit conflicting with privacy ethics of a security related company)


huh ??? what a toolbar has to do with privacy?


Will CAVS 3 update versions(also in BETA stage) through program updater(like CFP 3) or it will require fresh installs?

keep up the good work :-TU

I expect yet another delay…

But if it is as good as the firewall itll be worth it.

Yeah its possible. There have been possible release dates, and all of them were delayed. CAVS3 will be ready when the fat lady sings. (:TNG)

Well CAVS3 being a Comodo product I know what we will all be getting is CAVS3. protection,protection,protection and you know what else? a very high quality product for FREE. A product that I personally believe is worth paying for ;D

here is a screenshot of CIS (Comodo Internet Security).


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:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Awesome looks great cant wait Thanks for the Preview


Nice work ! (B) Hey Xan - I saw CIS first (:LGH)

Oh My God, Oh My God, Oh My God, Oh My God… I cannot believe it, is it true? Is CAV3 ready? Melih put me out of misery, release CAV3 please, please, please, please…

Peace. ;D

 Nice screenshots Melih!  :BNC

 Can't wait 'til it comes out.  A few comments though.  The screenshots show only three components, CAVS, D+, and Firewall.  What about the other modules? (Memory Firewall and BOClean).  Oh well, I hope we get the answers soon.


Memory firewall is yet to be integrated into CIS.
Boclean technology will be part of the CAV3. (not this version but soon)



omg right on can’t wate till it comes out of beta i want try it when it dose :slight_smile:

So that means that BOclean, by itself, will no longer be necessary, assuming you use CAV3?
Will the memory firewall ever be integrated into CIS?

When CAV3 has BOclean integrated, you shouldn’t need the stand alone client anymore. People who don’t want to use CAV3 will still have the good ol stand alone client available to them.

CMF will eventually be integrated into CIS.

Comodo doesn’t force anyone to use products they don’t want to, which is awesome!

As you can see… Comodo really is the leading Research & Development Company with World Leading Engineers! :slight_smile:


Absolutely splendid.