Comodo Antivirus, The count down begins!

If we all remember…

Comodo Internet Security, and the FIRST version of Comodo’s Antivirus, was released on October 23rd 2008. Melih made a promise, that in 12 months he shall deliver a top notch AV. This promise, well atleast the point, was made over and over again!!

I find this post interesting:

11 days to go until October 23rd 2009. (Windows 7.0 is out a day before…) Will Melih’s promise be delivered? Let’s see what happens…


Yay… Malware research group newest test is comming out on the 15th, lets see how CAVs does!

And where is the Database shrink? :frowning:

Anyway with 9.6M files, its sure to do great!

:comodo110: :BNC :BNC :ilovecomodo:

How can you tell where CIS is at? Sure the MRG is one test. Need more tests to compare them against the industry leaders.

I’m not sure that MRG provides dynamic test that the AMTSO would approve, beside that’s what Melih wants. NSSLABS does provide such a dynamic test; the NSSLAB president, Rick Moy is a member of the AMTSO review board. In addition to Rick Moy representatives from Kaspersky, AVG, TrendMicro, and Panda Security are all members of the AMTSO review Board. Thus these representatives have an in depth knowledge on how to conduct an AMTSO dynamic testing. And I believe that NSSLABS can provide just that.

Therefore, I really do not see why Melih would not allow CIS to be tested by NSSLABS if in fact he was waiting for such a test in order for CIS to be tested.


Any interesting news


Keep your ears clean, because you won’t see anything.

We won’t believe what our eyes will hear…:smiley:

12 months
12 months
12 months
12 months
12 months… etc…

Poor Melih, you can’t expect him to foresee the future whit exact date till the minute… LOLOL

Really, i think he is doing the best he can so don’t take everything to the letter… you have to allow some errors and not expect him to keep his word on things like this… lets allow him to error whit… ahhh lets say… a few hours LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

just joking… give him 2 or 3 months and i bet we won’t be disappointed. (if we are, we can always force him to pay us all a dinner in a restaurant we choose LOLOLOLOL - i think its a good deal, isn’t it?? it’s always better to pay dinner latter than soon hehehhehehe)

Now, seriously, we all know things not always run as well as we would like to, and i bet everyone would like to have all improvements right now, but if they’re late its for a good reason: its less bugs on the system. They’re doing the best they can, i bet… and beside, it’s not like Melih’s been sleeping on the job, right Melih?

Melih??? (could someone wake him!!! - lololololololol just trying to put everyone whit an happy smile :wink:


Já agora,

Oh Zé, não devias ter dito:

12 meses
12 meses
12 meses
12 meses
12 meses… etc???

epá, português que é português é português em todo o lado hehehehehehheehe ;D


Finalmente, mais um que fala Lusitano.

hmm…I don’t think you should be a doctor Kyle!!! Imagine trying to clean ears…you will take their eyes out!!! :slight_smile:


It doesn’t look any AV got a test proven to comply with AMTSO guidelines whenever some tester might have claimed compliance or uses phrasing that implies compliance, such as “following AMTSO principles”.

As David Harley from ESET pointed out, claims of compliance or AMTSO membership would not be a sufficient condition to prove compliance.

It also point out AMTSO is not a certification body and adds that for each specific test compliance can only be proven by an analysis from the Review Analysis Board.

For what it matters IMHO even an AMTSO certification wouldn’t be enough if the methodology is flawed or incomplete/undisclosed, nor any test can be stretched to assume that the parentage actually represent more than a value relative to the testset (as such only a way to compare different AVs)

Until an AMTSO compliant test will be actually released at least it looks Malware Research Group and tests got similar results even if carried by different testers.

I also will be thrilled when I see comparison test result, for now any external testlab will do. :P0l

you see, Melih was not sleeping!!! (maybe resting his eyes, but not sleeping) LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL



é verdade, encontra-se portugueses em todo o lado heheheheh :slight_smile: somos ou não somos um povo castiço!?!?! Afinal descobrimos o mundo heheheh

What I was implying is that we’ve seen no evidence of steps to take part in tests (apart from MRG) so we will just have to read what we’re told as there is nothing to prove\see.

I would have guessed that along Malware Research Group there would be tests for everybody too see. ???

Thats good, Another one to add to the list. Though it isn’t AMTSO compliant.

ATM it looks that any AV from any vendor has still to be tested with a test proven to be AMTSO compliant.

Though David Harley from ESET pointed out there might be tests claimed to comply, indeed it was never the case of MRG and whose tests are seemingly provided “as it is”.

Whereas it appears that MRG ondemand AV comparative results are confirmed by similar results of tests despite being carried by different independent testers.

Sure I understand… I wish there was an AMTSO compliant test today! I really want to show off the power of CIS and I think AMTSO test is the way to do that. So I hope there will be one… in the meanwhile there are many tests of static nature… you know my opinion about those… the ones that have tested CAV shows a great improvement and puts us fairly high, but I still don’t believe Static tests are a way to show how you can prevent infection and help protect you from viruses/malware.