Some Screenshots of CIS... *UPDATED*

Wow, thanks Melih. (B) (L) (R) (V)

Looks great! How soon after the release of CIS, will we get the stand alone CAV3?

Hi clocks, welcome. Please see this thread for an explanation of things.

AKA there is no real, definitive answer to that statement. The best I can guess is soon after, considering that they are meant to fit together.

 Thanks for the quick reply!


Great work to Melih and the development team. This looks really great, can’t wait untill it comes out (L)

lol, commodus :wink:


Someone is using Msn and skype, Melih ? 88)

Also, it’s still a bit strange that it has (only) 362558 signatures ??? , and this was update 170 ? Or am I looking wrong at this ?


Theoretically CAV3 & CIS should be released at same time. One team builds CIS, another builds CAV3… Over time all products will be integrated. But it will take time. (BOClean tech build into CAV3 already).


It’s going to be the lowest memory foot yet most powerful Security suite. Combing CAV3 & CFP 3 is just incredible. So now you have Detection & Prevention. What a combo!


Don’t forget the Cure :wink:


Cure is more “Backup” type but I get what you mean when it comes to removing malware.


We can use only the antivirus ( CAV 3 )? Or only release CIS?


Looks good, nice and clean.

It’s got the engine, It’s got the fuel - Without the wind spoilers weighing it down :slight_smile:

Melih is building up the pressure (:LGH)
Look’s good can’t wait to test it (:WIN)

Bear in mind we don’t know how they are defining each object in the signature DB. For all we know, rather than counting all the variants of spyaxe as separate entities, they are counting spyaxe as one, but their signature for that detects multiple variants.

just conjecture on my behalf. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

I know that panic ;), but it still seems so strange ;D.

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Still waiting for release :THNK, Melih really knows how to keep people waiting ;D

(L) (R) (S) (V)


Melih would not of put the screen shot up if it CIS wasn’t going to be released like this week soon. I know that for sure… :slight_smile:


The “Proactive Defense” is no longer at the main screen. Has been replaced by the antivirus section.

I would rather want to see “Proactive Defense” still. Rather than having to go the “Defense” section for minor things such as switching to “Switch to Installation Mode”, before installing something. This is something handy. Having to go to the “Defense” section for that, is not that handy.

I believe that “Proactive Defense” is more important to be seen in live than the AV section.

I am not disliking CIS. Just that part of CIS. Perhaps I am the only one …

Anyway, developers must have had a good reason for that, I guess.

Looks really good Melih! (L)

DarkButterfly, as a suggestion to what you want, how about removing the ‘System Status’-part? With some modificaiton, Defense+ would fit in the GUI.
‘System Status’ isn’t needed as it’s displayed in the status bar at the bottom of the GUI. If any errors, I believe that space would be enough for an error message.


It’s a fair point. I’ve always wanted the possibility to customize the CFP main page. This feature would be just as nice in CIS.


Just a small question for you Melih. Will the BETA have sandboxing and ThreatCast, or will they be added later?