PrivDog released

PrivDog is now released.

As you all may or may not be aware, Google has closed the Chrome platform and now requires all extensions to be in the Google Web Store and bound by Google’s own policies. Google require developers to pay Google to be in the web store. Google is now blocking the PrivDog extension for Google Chrome. Adtrustmedia wants users to have an open Internet and freedom to protect themselves. At this time Adtrustmedia does not want to place the PrivDog privacy protection plug-in in the Google Web Store. Adtrustmedia wants an open Internet to allow users to install privacy products at their own discretion.

Currently if you are a Chrome user and you want to protect yourself using PrivDog we highly recommend installing Comodo Dragon:… Comodo Dragon and Chrome are based on the same Chromium code base. Additionally Comodo Dragon has all the Google calls home and unique install IDs removed to protect your privacy even further. Together they are a great privacy package.

Considering Google ads are very prevalent with Google being one of the largest advertisement networks, Google is one of the major companies against which PrivDog guards your privacy. We feel adding our plug-in to the web store will allow Google to disable the plug-in at their own discretion and is a conflict of interests. Google has many business based motivations for large user data mining. Google has also come under increasing attacks from privacy advocates. PrivDog protects your privacy from many advertisement networks, not just Google.

Adtrustmedia is currently developing a browser independent version of PrivDog to once again empower Google Chrome users who choose to protect their privacy. Adtrustmedia will hopefully start beta testing in just a couple of weeks and there is a team working tirelessly to deliver this new even more powerful privacy tool.

For existing users (other than Chrome) your browsers will be automatically updated.

The new setup program will be available at and CNET.

New Increased threat coverage Common
New Increased plugin performance Chrome
New Increased update mechanism Setup
New Improved GUI compatibility with older versions Firefox
New Improved plugin stability IE
New GUI improvements Common
New Chrome removed from setup Setup
New Firefox shows install dialog Setup

Fixed defect where: Data not shown on the threats page Chrome
Fixed defect where: Menu popup shows wrong data Firefox
Fixed defect where: Empty space appears at the bottom of popup Chrome/Firefox
Fixed defect where: Incorrect entries in uninstall menu Setup
Fixed defect where: Plugin isn’t installed in Firefox Setup
Fixed defect where: IceDragon resets block mode after reopening IceDragon
Fixed defect where: 3rd party cookies blocking resets after browser reopened Firefox

The PrivDog Team.

Maybe you could add support for Opera upon installation then? That would be very appreciated.

Thanks for the update. :-TU

Congratulations to the team.

Netguy101, Adtrustmedia is working ■■■■■■■ a new browser independent version of PrivDog which will support Opera and any other browser.

thanks for the update :slight_smile:

we will always protect our user and their privacy from anyone who is trying to invade their privacy!

As big corporations continue to squeeze into your privacy more and more in an effort to increase profits to satisfy the wall street, PrivDog will be there and stopping these Privacy Erosions and protect you and your privacy!

Long live PrivDog!!!


That sounds like a lot better idea. But, maybe you could implement Privdog into CIS’s webfliter?

+1 :-TU

Privdog will help you with all sorts of privacy related stuff, we want to bring you an amazing “Phishing protection” (Proactive…not like everything else thats reactive)…Content filtering so that we can protect our family and children…

There are many companies who are after your privacy!!

Your privacy is what PrivDog will protect!

That’s great news. Will it also support the old Presto based Opera?

Looking forward to the future new stuff.

That's great news. Will it also support the old Presto based Opera?

We’ll detect all the major browsers out of the box and supply a “browse” button to allow users to select any browser from their operating system they wish.


I’m trying to install this release from the above link for my Dragon browser and am getting a “This file is malicious and Dragon has blocked it”

Maybe just a hiccup, but I thought you’d like to know in case it is a common problem.


Can you please add support for Cyberfox browser, would be nice to be able to install PrivDog for this browser as well, currently having to do it manually using the XPI file, through PrivDog works perfectly with Cyberfox ;D

I would be against that. It should remain a separate offering in my opinion.


I’ll get the Dragon Team to look into the blocking issues inherited from Chromium.

Well add Cyberfox for the installer in future versions.

Sweet. That’s good news for users of more exotic browsers…

Will it work as a network filter that works as a local proxy?

I’ll take you at your word, Melih. :wink:

Oh so true. :-TD

Kind regards, REBOL. :slight_smile:

Thank you Shane, will look forward to that, ty very much :-TU



I will get the latest Privdog for Opera 22 when Captainsticks or somebody else posts a Zip file of it. So that can get it