Pls tell us your views! Its important

Please help us by giving us your opinion about whether you would like a free tool that would inform you whether what you see on the internet is authentic or not.

for example: a Credit card Logo, like Visa or Mastercard logo, would you like to have the ability to check if these are authentic Visa/Mastercard logos that has been issued to the online merchant or simply a copy and paste on a fraudster site.

So would you want a free tool that would tell you whats authentic (real) or not?

thanks for your contribution


Myself Personally?, I don’t think I would have much use for it. I really do not want to have a negative vibe for someone’s idea but initially I thought that how would the xonsumer know that the “Certifier” was on the up and up. Thank You


I think that it can be usefull, especially for people that like buying on line or that can’t find the produkt they want at the local stores which are near them (has happened plenty of times for me). But why not include such a feature on the verificationengine?

Sounds good, but seems like something which should be part of V-Engine like what pandlouk said.



Can you pls expand on your views pls.


I think that comodo should make comodo anti spam plugin to Outlook/Express so that any emails can be easily assigned

after I have installed comodo free suite (antivirus / firewall / antispam / verification engine ) it happens that I cannot acces a single web site (yet) wich is (my mobile phone company’s portal) ; is that because of some features in relation with secure sites ?


the message is appear :
comodo antivirus encountered an error
Number … CAV003
Description … on Access Scanner failed to start .
and …
what i do …

hmm i don’t see a reason that won’t allow a fraudster to include a logo from the original Mastercard/Visa site without copy-pasting.

Can you pls expand on your statement for better clarification pls.


I’ve already have a Firefox extension that does that so wouldn’t need anything else.

But for those that are still using IE it might be a good idea since spoofed websites can be a very dangerous thing.

Very interesting. How does Firefox extension tell you whether a Visa logo you see on someone’s site is legitimate or not?


Oh, the extension, McAfee SiteAdvisor - doesn’t do that :slight_smile:
It just gives me an idea about whether or not the site’s legit, full of popups (that I never see anywasy) or might have questionable downloads to avoid.

In that case, a way to see if such a logo would be legit would be a very good thing. I was on the receiving end of identity theft twice last year so I’m all for security.

Site advisor does not tell you that the site is legit (well depends on the definition of what legit is but hey…) or not, but simply that you won’t be subjected to spyware if you go to that site. It does not validate or authenticate the site itself, the content it carries or its owners. Comodo has a similar product to siteadvisor coming out soon. However we also have Authentication product that allows you to authenticate any web content. Imagine, if you can authenticate that Citibank logo is authentic, then you know its a legit Citibank site! Content Authentication is the missing link in Internet evolution!



That product I believe will help Comodo a lot in gaining Market Share, so that Comodo may become the leading SSL certificate provider.

I am betting on it :wink:


I would be very (VERY) interested in hearing from people who voted as NO.

I really want to hear why you would, in my opinion, rather surf the internet blind without the ability to verify content.

Honestly, why would you rather surf blind and fall into traps? I am very interested in finding out the answer.


I am really in dismay when gone through comodo !!!
Pray for every success and all kinds of prospects,
With Respectful Regards,

Gidday Guys. I’ve used all “the rest” paid and free, NIS, ZoneAlarm etc but this is the best I’ve come across.
I don’t think it’s for the basic user but for the price they can learn!
Keep up the good work and you’ll always have my support.
Even thinking of installing on SOHO office (Boss’s business) for which I’m IT responsible, just checking out on home system first.

My Home is Girt by Sea

Olá pessoal, é de extrema importância, que tenhamos ferramentas gratuítas e eficientes como as do Comodo. Estou muito satisfeito com o anti-virus, e gostaria de lhes dar os Parabéns! A internet é um direito de todos, graças ao comodo isso é possivel com segurança.

Hi, is very important that we have goods tool and that to be free. I am very happy with Comodo, the internet is of all, and because the Comodo, we can have a internet more secury. Cangratulations!

(Sorry my terrible english)