Memory error after installing Comodo

Sorry to jump into your stream of messages here. I’m just trying to get some help with Comodo and couldn’t find my way in the forum to the idiots corner. Just installed Comodo - rebooted. It tells me that I am trying to do a 0xffffffff… and cannot access some address, when the system comes up and tries to start Comodo. I click on the icon and it gives me the same message. I believe the address was different, but the command was the same. I redownloaded the installation package, uninstalled the 1st attempt, reinstalled, got the same error. I have XP on this machine. I do use Firefox and Thunderbird. Where do I go to get help with getting the firewall to work?


I’ve moved your post to the Help section of the Firewall boards, so you can get some help with your issue.

It sounds like you’ve had a memory error similar to one I experienced once. I forget exactly when, but I know I posted about it. :wink:

Turns out it was a problem with Firefox’s profile being corrupt. Uninstalling FF and clearing out the profile (so as to start over) did the trick; no more problems (I exported bookmarks to bring back in, but did not keep any add-ons, themes, or other settings). It might be the same issue; something to look at, anyway.

Other possibilities could involve the antivirus program (or other security applications) you have. Kaspersky AV, for instance, has some known issues with CFP and other firewalls. Not aware of it creating this type of scenario, but it has had some weird ones.

If you installed the FW with any other security applications actively running, can cause some low-level/core problems. Again, this error is outside of what I am familiar with for symptoms on that, but anything’s possible.

Here’s my post about the situation I experienced. Perhaps it will be helpful to you.;msg55024#msg55024

We’re here to help as much as we can, and will walk through it with you.