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Im using Vista Ultimate x64 and CIS rc1 works perfect no bugs so far firewall 10/10 AV 10/10 updates 10/10 ive tried AVG 8 ,Mcafee 2008 and Norton 360 and Comodo internet security works the best even integrates with Firefox 3 {Minefield} x64 and this is only the beta things can only get better great work to the Comodo team thanx (:LOV) :BNC :■■■■

i was going to fill in a testimonial but but the testimonials form, ‘Comodo product for review’ only contains
Comodo firewall (Plus), what about Commodo internet security suite, and the new (and very excellent) Registry

i am using ie8 (beta) and
Everytime i use this forum and try to post a reply, my text doesn’t show up until i’ve done
Internet Options
Accessiblity (all the boxes are unticked)
any ideas??

(CLY)i heard about CIS by chance and from then on i use it and i’m very delighted,The AV is ok,the Firewall is the best;i well-read about Comodo AV+Firewall on forums from my country and it’s very praised.Congratulation for your CIS, :comodomarryme:

Apparently something is wrong with the Testimonials Form. After completing everything on the first page, I get the following message on the second page:

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New to Comodo, I chosed it by itselfafter testing other products to get away from Symantec products and their “spying” way of doing business and taking control of your PC.

Once you learn how to avoid the 1000 clics to get it working by itself, its working great.
Just one thing… Scanning is very, very slow compared to other similar products. Specially with a laptop and an external 1T hard drive.
Any special reason?


I am kolkata, India.
I am using COMODO FREE FIREWALL more than one year without any problem with great satisfaction.
But sorry to say from yesterday (2 March 2009) whenever I am running auto update my antivurs (AVG internet security full version) giving warning Virus dected. Though with AVG antivurs firewall is there but that I have been put off and depending upon COMOEO FIREWALL.

pl. consider the issue is an urgent , with priority. I have mail sales and support. but vein. no reply

with thanks

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Answered here

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I have a 4 year old laptop with only 192mb of RAM and during this period I’ve tried every free firewall and antivirus program out there plus one or two paid for ones.
Most of them slow my system down a bit. Norton made it run like it was running through soup and it got a bad virus.
I’ve used the Comodo free stand alone firewall in the past, found it to be a bit intrusive and eventually went back to Zonealarm.
However, I went to the Comodo site and found the Comodo Internet Security program for free, so I downloaded it, gave it a try and WOW!!!
What a revelation, my computer has speeded up and it’s only using two thirds of the resources that it was before installation. It passes stealth tests and virus detection tests.
At last I’ve found a program that does what it says, with no frills bells or whistles, or catches.
Keep up the good work. If it carries on like it is I will definitely upgrade.
Only one problem, I can’t get it to stay in stealth mode on the stealth mode wizard.

John H

The computer I am using comodo on has very low RAM and a very small hard drive. I am using the basic firewall and it seems to be working wonderful. I’ve used other firewalls such as ZoneAlarm, CA, AVG, and a couple others. I have to say that Comodo is the best so far. It runs nicely on a low performance computer such as the one I’m using now. The other listed were honestly a pain in the rear. Plus if you need help the mods here seem very friendly and helpful.

Sorry for not filling out the official form. Wouldn’t let me for some reason.

Anyway Thank you Comodo. You saved me and my Studios many hours, and videos. I’m an beginning film maker hoping to be big some day. When me and my friends originally formed Amazing Pictures Studios. We had only a cheap-o computer that had an outdated Norton. When the time came 3 years later. We got a horrible Malware problem. We risked complete data loss, and just about lost all of our films. But when we downloaded and installed comodo. It ended that problem. And it saved us alot of time

Thanks Comodo

One of the younger members of our family downloaded what he thought was a game. It wasn’t. It really was malware.

But luckily I had just set up CIS in the so called “Parent Mode” (Parental Control on, alerts automatically blocked, Clean PC mode). So the “malware” wasn’t able to do anything. :-TU

Of course the “young member of the family” was upset that his game didn’t work. So he blamed it on someone else. 88)

I am a long time Norton user. I have used their products since 2000 and never had a problem with any of them. I never got infected or hacked and also never experienced any system slowdowns or resource problems. Until a week ago I was using Norton Internet Security 2009 which is an excellent product and easily the best they have ever offered but due to recent financial difficulties, I was reluctant to pay the $50 to renew my subscription and decided to explore other options. I read very positive reviews of CIS and decided to give it a try. I am not sorry that I did. I am very happy with the product and extremely impressed by the availability of configuration options. The performance of my system is just as good as with Norton (not better) even when I’m playing my games in full screen. I have had no problems with CIS so far and I’m looking forward to the new version. I still have 30 days left on the Norton subscription but I don’t think I will be going back to it. Not because Norton is bad,it’s not,in fact it’s excellent,but CIS is just as good, if not better and best of all---- it’s FREE.

I tested CAV by downloading the Eicar test file in different ways. I first tried the text version and CAV wouldn’t even let it download. I downloaded the zip and it did download and I was able to extract it without an alarm but as soon as I opened the folder the test file was in, the alarm went off. I didn’t even have to click on the file itself or try to manually scan it. It was detected as soon as I opened the folder. When I buried the file in a folder with about 100 other files it was detected when I just moused over it. I find that very impressive.

Congratulations on producing such an excellent product and thank you for letting the lucky people using it to do so for free.

Hi,new to forum,
I just deleted AVG because I “felt” it was starting to become like another “Norton” after every update.

My computer/notebook progressively became slow, as usual and I have no money, no buisness, mainly because alot of downtime in “fixing” Windows over the past years day in day out cost me downtime and the opportunities lost.

I have observed the “rise and fall” of the global economy while trying to fix my Windows OS since 1993, I think I was lucky in some strange way.

I am now tryng to start another business, and I had the same problems again since yesterday, and I don’t do anything complicated, I am not a corporate, I now refuse to buy/lease a car and have been forced to ride a bicycle, now with a 50cc motor made in China and even they can’t get it right yet.

I am no nerd on computers, I don’t use it for “vain glory”, to me a computer is just a glorified calculator, an over rated contraption, it has not served me well for the time I have been trying to get a handle on something, then something else new comes out.

1+1 will always =2. How much technology does the human race need now to prove this fact ? Some are able to make it seem like a theory, only to make ya pay so then ya give them permission to suggest it’s not a theory after all, but in a new twisted language we have to pay again to learn the fact. We knew we were right in the first place anyway with the old language, but forgot cos it became all too complicated
OK, I have let of some steam

Yes, it is true, I have deleted AVG, gone to Registry with a axe and got rid of all this other garbage.
I then disarmed Restore, and rebooted. Much to my surprise, it still works !

My computer now runs better and I have re-installed Comodo. I was not able to do this, my PC kept freezing, and I knew it was not COMODO. AVG does not seem to like COMODO anymore.
Therefore I refuse to have these “Catch22” type programs in my life.

Thank you COMODO people, keep up the good work for us mortals,mn the rest of the human race and for some of us others on the fringe of society riding through the parks on our bicycles being blinded by the glare of city skyscrapers with “For Sale” signs littering the landscape.
If you IT corporates are up there working late cos of a IT glitch, God Bless you and hang in there buddy,
…, 'WAVE


[b]I have tried numerous antimalware products from AVG to Zonealarm and everything in between.
Believe me when I say there is nothing that compares to Comodo internet security.
Defense + is fantastic and the firewall speaks for itself,the best in the world. The antivirus is a fast learning animal, detection rate on par with the best but who needs AV when you have DEFENSE +.
Why pay for any of the rest when you can get the best for FREE!
Comodo Internet security suite is awesome!

Thanks Melih ! :slight_smile:

Pedro in the UK.[/b] :-TU

Thank you for your kind words Pedro.

Indeed you get it. Its Default Deny Protection that is the key and not AV which is reactive and Default allow.
Its about preventing the malware in the first place.

Thank you again


I have been using the free version of Comodo Internet Security ( firewall and anti-virus) for about a year 6 months now. I had been using the paid version of the McAfee Internet Security Package for like 3 years. And I tell you, McAfee software has too many bugs in it.

In contrast, all other internet security packages on the market today (EVEN MANY PAID VERSIONS) can’t top any Comodo (FREE VERSION SOFTWARE) , let alone the paid version of Comodo.

It’s truly amazing how safe I feel on the Internet while using Comodo Internet Security(FREE VERSION). I only use Spyware Terminator along side of Comodo and that’s it.

During the 6 months I have used Comodo I have not had any trouble with it whatsoever, nor with my computer. Comodo has a very clean user interface and is overall very savvy-featured for the beginner and advanced user’s alike.

Comodo I wish you guys would get a contract with my high speed cable company Cox Communications here in Warner Robins, Georgia and take the place of their contract with McAfee. Cox Communications offers free internet security to their customers like me. It would be greatly appreciated If you guys could out bid McAfee. Thumb Up

Wow I never have wrote anything in a forum before about Internet security, but Comodo you guys deserve it!

Scotty Donahti

I have been with comodo since comodo firewall 2.0 came out. It was great and since then I have seen great improvements. Once I spent the time to actually learn the software it really works great. Only recently have I started to use AV but once again it has had great improvements. I like the keep it free philosophy and whenever I have the change I recommend it. If I ever have the change to recommend it to a business I do because I know that any revenue going to comodo means better products on our end. :a0

Thank you very much for your continued support languy99, we sincerely appreciate it.


hi everyone, ive just installed comodo and i have to say i am well impressed , my computer runs faster now, my old antivirus slowed it right down!!! but as i am new to this, can anyone tell me if there is m alware and spyware protection with comodo? if not do i need to download something else to run with comodo to protect me? thanx in advance?