PC suddenly turned off-temperature issue[resolved]

what possible cause of this issue? heat? (no,it’s not malware >:( )

my home pc just turned off suddenly (happened several times) >:(
the first time when i was playing Devil May Cry 4 >:(
and the other times, it just happened when i watch dvd or browsing internet.
and just before i post this topic, it shut off while i’m updating MBAM/SAS/CIS. >:(
i had to reinstall CIS because of this before,after i turned my comp back on, i got CIS bug alert (“ooops,CIS fould bug in cmdagent…”)

now i get the same cmdagent bug alert, stupid comp! >:(

anybody know what’s the cause of this? perhaps i should add more fan?

It is likely that you have a failing PSU

hmm, i think they’re not very expensive. i’ll get a new one.thx! :■■■■

BTW if it does reboot instead of shutting down you may have to check for BSODs

nope, it’s shut off.
and i think i need two of those power supply 88)
A common clue which indicates a failing power supply is a high-pitched whining or grinding noise from the area of the case where the power supply is housed. Don’t wait until the supply dies, because its failure can cause voltage problems which can ruin your motherboard, hard drive, or other components.

i have that noise from powersupply fan on one of my other comps 88) i always ignore it,thinking it’s just dust 88)

Can’t blame you. Years ago my PSU had a failing fan and I avoided to buy a new PSU.
Months later my MB was toasted :cry:

Now I only buy high quality PSU and also keep a spare PSU. :-\

really? you even need to keep a spare PSU? is PSU really that fragile? :o i have 1 old comp with no hardware issue for about 3-4 years. but the other newer one (about 1 year) has that noisy grinding noise. :-\

then i have to buy 4 PSU :-X goodbye PS3 :cry:

Buy a high quality 500 W PSU and your good to go :slight_smile:

how much it’ll cost? 88) all my comps have their “default” PSU from its casing. 88)

You sure about this guys? An instant power off is more indicative of a CPU/Motherboard thermal shutdown. Failing PSUs usually cause a reboot cycle (due to the drop in power) rather than a power off.

Prices start from 50 $ here ;D

Nope. For some reason my hardware fails more than all people I know :-\

eg: Before I added zillion of fans and used a S.M.A.R.T. moitoring software (eg speedfan) I had 3-4 failing hd.

you should see an exorcist 88) ;D

bye2 LCD tv :cry:

so now i need to get more fans too? 88) what am i?celebrity? 88)
err,if it’s thermal isssue, it’s pretty cold in my room 88) & i left the comp left side case opened 88)

As for PSU the quality is related to efficiency (meaning at the same W rating, high efficiency PSU can provide DC output and less heat).

Quality PSU have also a solid build whereas ■■■■■■ ones can almost squezed by hand.

Another thing I often noticed is that well built PSU weght more (up to 50%) than their economic counterparts.

These article may provide some additional infos although it is also possible to find some reasonably good no name PSU

wow thx! :■■■■ although i’m not sure if local comp store here sell those things 88) i’ll see what i can get.
but first i wanna make sure if it’s really PSU or heat issue ???

That’s your problem 88). Leaving it open for dust bunnies.

Yep. I guess it would be more reasonable to check for the CPU temp first. :-TU

The max operative temp is related to the CPU type/model so I guess it need additional details.

Anyway CPU heating usually should also cause lockups/freezes without shutdown or bsods.

As for a reason for a CPU overheat, there could be a failing CPU fan or some heatsink related issue (eg gremlins moving the heatsinks reducing the heat exchange transfer with CPU).

hey i lost the screws so i can’t attach it anymore >:(

hmm, i’ve never had this issue 88)

so what do i do? how do i check the temperature? (:TNG)

Well… nobody has asked you any (simple) but, fairly critical, questions… like; are all the fans spinning? Is the CPU heatsink caked in dust? What CPU & Motherboard do you have? Etc, etc…

If the CPUs an Intel & the CPU thermally triggered, then PROCHOT will be set. Some BIOS have logs & register thermal events (motherboard & BIOS dependent).

Room temperature & case open will make little difference if it’s an internal thermal problem.

As for the PSU; I see you’re being advised to buy a decent 500W PSU. Fair enough, but a little premature. What PSU do you currently have? Considering adding kit or upgrading? If not, replace your current wattage PSU with the same… it will be a lot cheaper & a 500W PSU (if you need 350W) will not do you any good.

edit: checking temps… didn’t gibran post a Speedfan link? That will help.

CPU-Z | Softwares | CPUID could provide info about the CPU

SpeedFan - Access temperature sensor in your computer provide monitoring info

http://www.softpedia.com/get/Tweak/CPU-Tweak/ThrottleWatch.shtml provide termal throttling (used to prevent thermal shutdown) infos about Intel CPU