PSU & damaged flashdisk

hi it’s me again ;D
still related to my thermal grease topic

so yesterday i decided to change my PSU (my other comp at my office). i bring it to the comp store who fixed my thermal grease comp.
he installed a 380w PSU, my PC’s running smoothly, but in the afternoon i plugged 2 flashdisks to the flashdrive sockets as usual to backup my datas, they both didn’t work ??? so i called the comp store, the guy said, maybe he forgot to plug the cable, so i open the case, the cable is plugged already.
today i call him to come to my office to help me fix it. he checked my PC here & there,found nothing wrong,but both flashdisks still can’t be read, and he said one of the flashdisk surface is very hot,he said it is more likely the flashdisk is burned,nothing to do with the computer.
and yeah, i tried other flashdisk,and it works OK.

weird huh? if only one of them is damaged, i probably thought it’s normal. they’re both old flashdisk (512mb & 256 MB). but this time they both toasted at the same time after i change my PSU ???
the sad thing is, the both “backup” flashdisk. i suppose to damage my PC & they both come to the rescue. not the other way around 88)

what do you guys think? is it possible a PSU switching could damage your flashdisk or my office is haunted? 88)

I guess it would be more easy to damage a flashdisk if the optional usb port cabling do not have a pin-to-pin prearranged connector. :-X

eg. figure 4-5 from Installing Frontal USB Ports

so you mean the cable(s) been misplugged? & misconnect the cable could toast the flashdisk? ???
but i didn’t see him check the cables connector ???

Not sure what happened in your case but if USB cables terminate with multiple pins it could be possible to connect then in a wrong way and shortcircuit the flashdisk.

Did the flashdisk leds turned on when you plugged them?

no. they both dead. the light’s off.
if that’s the case, why my other Pflashdisk didn’t get toasted too ??? i didn’t see the guy switch the cable. or maybe he did but i didn’t notice it? 88)
then it’s definitely his fault! >:( i’m gonna sue! >:(

If you didn’t see him then it didn’t happen.
if you toast another flashdisk in the short term it would be a clue leading to your PC.

why are you protecting him? >:(

err, so how long is “short term”? cos i plug my flashdisk twice today. no problem.

Replacing a PSU should not have involved the USB cables. Those cables are for connecting the front panel (case) to the motherboard USB header & some other things.

As kail pointed out something like that is unlikely to happen.

HW failure may happen and sometimes there is no sure-strike explanation.

Besides flashdisks do not guarantee an unlimited number of erase and re-write cycles.

I guess you could only carry regular maintenace and monitoring to identify possible causes of general failure but nothing more.

Eg. do you monitor your PSU voltages, CPU temp and fan speeds? do you disconnect your flashdisk using Windows Safely Remove Hardware feature? Do you have a UPS? Do you monitor your hd health status? do you safely store your flashdisks? Do you refrain from hammering your PC? ;D

Hardware failures almost always happen at power-on or, less frequently, at power-off. It’s the most stressful time for all the hardware.

i think i told the guy to clean it up too. so maybe he detached the motherboard.

PSU voltage= nope
CPU temp=yes (it’s normal)
fan speed=nope
disconnect using safe removal feature = yes (always)
safe storage=err yes (on the table,right beside the comp 88) )
hammer=err sometimes

as i said before, it’s OK if one of them is damaged. but this time both of them toasted at the same time? ???
no big deal actually,they’re not too expensive. i’m just curious & need someone to blame 88)

although it would be of help in this case you could use speedfan to look at your PSU voltage

12v has a 10% tolerance (12v ± 1,2v)
the others 5% (eg 5v ± 0,25V)

doesn’t UPS cover this voltage issue? and if it’s really voltage issue, why my HDD & the other stuff are still fine?
but OK. i’ll take a look at the PSU voltage on monday (it’s sunday 1.31 AM here).
i’m gonna sue!

UPs filer AC power spikes. But PSU voltages can provide info about the PSU itself.