New Ideas for Comodo IceDragon...

So what does IceDragon need or need removed to be better than firefox???

While there’s many extensions, plugins , different design layouts, what does comodo need to be better than Firefox. Comodo needs to know what needs to be done. Also as an example, some things like an adblocker may not be necessary because most people will use “adblock plus” for an extension

My idea is to make a portable version just like Comodo Dragon


While you can move around most of the icons when you “right click” on the menu area and then click on “customize”. We should be able to move the icon “comodo site inspector” too.

Side note for some people (I'm sure most people know how, but just in case)
Since most people want to block ads, here's a link to adblock plus For firefox and (and it's varients) Use adblock plus For firefox:

To choose which adblock subscription to use, go here and click on the one you want.
Most people would choose
and under EasyPrivacy, choose EasyPrivacy+EasyList

Just some Ideas :slight_smile:

Integrate Comodo Cloud functionality

Make a toolbar icon where users can login to upload their files, sync bookmarks and settings, etc. Maybe add a space remaining indicator as well.

Kind of like Comodo Cloud Client, but accessed and integrated right through Comodo IceDragon.

This might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but here goes:

Firefox of late has started imitating Chrome: The globe icon, the padlock icon and now the favicon icon has been removed? :-TD

So how about “retaining” the original Firefox 4 UI with the download manager, secure site highlighting et al…but at the same time giving us the regular updates? Yes, I know that there are addons to get back the old Firefox UI, but addons end up slowing down the browser blah blah blah…Just an idea.

remove ancient hardware support for faster speed

disable Accessibility features —> This cuts down some on the input complexity,and increases speed
Parental controls
crash reporter

Modify/Adjust UI Elements:

  1. Icons/buttons are too bunched together, they need some separated space between one another.

  2. Get rid of the blue bar on the active tab, it makes the inactive tab look smaller. Active tab should be brighter, inactive tab should be dimmed…Just like in Firefox. Blue Bar isn’t needed in my opinion.

  3. Open a new tab and close tab buttons need to be enlarged a bit, they’re too small.

  4. Too much space in between active and inactive tab, it needs to be closer together.

  5. Close, Minimize, Maximize buttons need to be brighter (Easier to see)

  6. When adding a new toolbar, for example the KeeFox extension…The toolbar color needs to blend in with the rest of the interface, rather than solid white.

  7. Open a new tab button needs a brighter back drop (Easier to see)

  8. Back and Forward buttons need to be a tiny bit bigger.

  9. When doing a mouse over on opened tabs, the highlight color seems too boxy/noticeable.

Ice Dragon is compatible with the current Firefox version and language in order to install the add-ons … Because this is currently not possible due to differences version

Custom themes for Ice Dragon would really nice. Designed especially for this browser instead of getting a theme from Firefox.

Make Personas work for CID. Themes for me are passe. I want my Persona! :wink: LOL

Change the default theme to something brighter and more eye catching. I just found it too dark for my taste.

Custom themes for Ice Dragon would really nice

If any artist here that knows how to design a theme (skins for icedragon)
Feel free to post and let it be known that “it’s unoffical” <—people do this for the comodo dragon section

Please remember

Posting of shortened or obfuscated links is not allowed. Comodo Forums are about security and does not want to jeopardize members and visitors in any way or form by providing modified links.
You could also just create a .zip or .rar folder and upload it here directly (providing that it's not too too big)

I do not know if CID has this feature. But like Firefox, Waterfox, Chrome, CD, etc., you can always “right-click” on the unpopulated area of the “upper taskbar” (if that is the correct definition) and can modify just how you want it to look like.

Yes, and thank you Aimee! :slight_smile:

If you mean ‘Customise…’ then yes CID has this also :slight_smile:

I would love for CID menu area to be lighter, or menu text to be lighter, as it stands is abit dark, my computer menu text is about readable, on my dads computer can hardly read menu text, so would be cool to have a lighter theme maybes :slight_smile:

I’m not talking about the user being able to modify it, I was asking if any of these UI elements can be fixed in future versions.

The user interface needs some polish in my opinion.

Fast is the Key, 14 is great, but 13 was a lot faster in fact it was the fastest browser I have ever tried and I tried a lot
and please, a way to stop all modules running in the background, like the updater,
more on the annoying new Firefox updater that starts even if all you want is just press on the help button
and you don’t have to follow firefox step by step, innovate
we don’t want Google as a default search engine, try startpage or Duck duck go
seriously, these are just plain ideas, I am just happy that Comodo created IceDragon

Hi PeaceWave,
The updater process would be better if you could disable it within IceDragon, but as a workaround Comodo IceDragon update service can be disabled through Windows services.

Hello Captainsticks
Thanx man, I usually do this , but sometimes I configure cleaners to clean preferences, and all is lost
but the work around should do it, Thank you very much man

auto suggestion of web addresses, built-in translator and force using https as the comodo dragon
sorry my english ;D

i would find a portable version like the dragon would be really awesome :slight_smile:

multi-language version

Personas for Ice Dragon.
I like those much better than themes.

Add-ons geared for Comodo Ice Dragon that can be better utlilized.

The instructions listed here don’t work well with current version of CID. Personas do not work. Themes do work, not all of them with the current version of CID.