New Ideas for Comodo Dragon

Hi Guys

We now have our own browser that we can develop further.

So, tell us what you want to see in this, some cool features that noone has but would be great to have in CD.

thank you for your help.


Hi Melih!

-Secure password handling
-More efficient verification engine

Thanks for that blattida.
can u pls expand on 2nd and 3rd items in your wish list pls.
thank you


That as well as soemthing on par with No-Script… and would be nice to maybe have your own WOT (Web Of Trust) Style rating add-on but with a more in-depth validation process for submissions/comments from users? Or get into talks with WOT to make a compatable add-on for Dragon (don’t know if the likes of chrome has it?) but anyway that’s my suggestion(s)

thanks AyeAyeCaptain…
pls keep them coming…what other features that you want to see in Dragon that no other browsers have?


More speed? Great. More privacy? Even better. Better security? I’m in. What I DON’T want is for CD to become Firefox. More flexibility is great but don’t overload it. I’ll leave the specifics up to you guys. Let’s keep her lean & mean. :slight_smile:

Something like Prevx SafeOnline would be a good idea in my opinion (See uploaded Attachment) and link is here Melih for inspection

Hope this helps.

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There are some pages, like Fake AV scan pages that prevent you from clicking on anything else other then there popups… therefore not letting you change the page or close the window…

My wish is for CD not to have this problem. ;D

I would also want CD to automaticly handle my downloads…

So if i download a picture it goes to the Pictures folder… If a movie it goes to the movies folder…

Btw… CD needs to start using the download folder in W7…

Hope to see some or all of these wishes come true…


Yeah I really would like that by default instead of X:\Users\Name\Documents\Downloads
also if you do change the folder to the Windows download one (like me) every time you delete the downloads folder in Documents, it comes back. Slightly annoying.

*Verification Engine integration (or something similar)

*an option to launch CD in a private browsing mode like in I.E (if it doesn’t exist, I can’t find it… but I do miss the obvious stuff 88)) Also could there by an option to always launch CD in private mode :slight_smile:

*Not sure if its possible but some sites say for example you must have either IE 8 FF3.5 Or Google Chrome to view this site. But CD is using the same source code so it should work. Anyway around this would be a good feature, If it could be done.

Add -incognito to the shortcut’s Target. :slight_smile:

This sounds more like a Windows issue than a CD issue. Are you saying that CD re-creates this folder?

Anyways *Verification Engine integration (or something similar)

This is coming.

*an option to launch CD in a private browsing mode like in I.E (if it doesn't exist, I can't find it... but I do miss the obvious stuff 88)) Also could there by an option to always launch CD in private mode :)

Presently there’s no choice inside of CD to set always Private Browsing Mode (but there should be). You can just start Dragon via with [ -incognito ] if you so desire.

Here’s how to edit your shortcut to allow for [url=]always starting the browser in Private Browsing Mode /url… (Yes the link is for Chrome, but works for Dragon)

Yeah thats what I’m experienced, every now and again it keeps coming back (the downloads folder in my documents) when I have set it to C:\users\name\downloads

I think for option two blattida may be talking about like a Master Password… So you can protect your passwords if multiple users share the same computer, and by having the Master Pass if you have forgotten your info when you go to log in to a certain website or forum, the Master Pass will prompt you type in the password and it auto fills out username and password so that you may log in.

I’m looking at using the Dragon Browser right now – not sure if it is compatibility with 64 bit though?

On the download page where you select your operating system, it doesn’t have Windows 7 or 64 bit on the list. I’m going to download it and try it, if it’s not compatible I suggest make it W7 and 64 bit compatible. ;D

An I.E tab.



Once Dragon is using Code from Chromium version 4, you will have that ability via an already existing Extension. You can find IE Tab for Chrome here.

Now that i see what this is…

Can a Firefox tab be made also?


Electronic identity functionality, so users don’t need an ID client (and IE or Firefox) installed to use BankID and similar services. :slight_smile:

Open all favorite links in tabs, like Firefox.
Favorite synching.

Are you speaking about setting multiple tabs as your “homepage”? If I’m wrong, can you please expand upon what you mean? If I’m right, this should be out in the next major version of Comodo Dragon.

Chrome v4 supports this presently but it syncs to your Google Account. So when the next major version of Comodo Dragon comes out, CD should support that option. Unless you’re asking about something else.