Any plans to release x64 CD? [Merged]

Exist any option to contact the devs?
What say melih self about cd x64?

Hi Z3R07,
I have contacted Staff in regards to any future plans for 64-bit releases.
If I find out any information I will post back.

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Thank you much.

Are there any plans for a dragon 64 bit browser like chrome has.

Hi Dragon1952,
I have merged your post with an already existing topic on the same subject matter.

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Thanks wasgij6, I had forgot about the post you quoted. :slight_smile:

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No problem :-TU

The normal version seem to work well on x64 too.

When is the 64-bit version coming?

I split and merged your post with this existing topic. All we know it is on the road map.

Thanks. So, there’s really no info on it? Shane mentioned it months ago and it’s still nowhere to be seen.

It’s all I know. I just sent a pm to Shane asking if there is any news.

I got word from Shane:

He does not mention a date but it tells us CD x64 is being worked on.

When will Comodo Dragon version for 64-bit. It is google chrome version for 64-bit and that is why I ask.
Comodo Dragon 45 is less stable than Comodo Dragon 43.
As for the game on and

I split and merged your post with this topic. It is in the works but there is no ETA. See my post right before yours.


So, nothing yet?

Nothing yet.

They even cannot maintain current browsers, no need to ask 64bit releases. Just my opinion