New CIS 2024 is coming!

Hello @Melih,

The “For Home” product section (including CIS Premium / Pro) on Comodo Home Page was removed long time ago, about one month after the official “New CIS 2024” announcement.
Can we take this removal of the “For Home” product section on Comodo Home Page as evidence that Comodo has discontnued its “For Home” products and has ceased further “For Home” product development including CIS Premium / Pro?

Thank you.

CIS if for consumers and home users.


Melih self said b4 summer of 2023… and Comodo HQ is in North America therefor it was to be meant before 21.06.2023(summerstart in nothern western hemisphere)… but you are both right… heard some many promises /statements from Comodo… that wasn’t true at the end… Imagine over 3 years since last update/bugfixes… than the comodo froum hax done by mad IvanZ aka ruZZians… but somehow Iam still lkoyal to comodo …seems iam the greatest jack-a s s overhere

Hi ZedRM,

Thank you for reporting.
As we checked and found that when we disable the CIS Av it popups an notification saying that “How long should it stay disabled” then selecting permanently option will not popup this notification again. (Refer the attached pic Noti.jpeg)

Are we missed anything else to understand if so kindly provide us the screenshot of notification & popups which bothers you.


That version was released in March 2021. It was not released in 2020. I think I see the source of the confusion, though.

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so, cis 2024 will be releaded before June 21, right?

or my maths are crazily wrong?

Do take false promises into account.

Please do not remove any advanced features in the new version to cater to the casual users. Things like manually control everything down to the port number. Also ability to disable the AV part. Please. Also please do not rush a release. It’s ok to not hit a release date. It’s worse to release a half-assed product just to meet a certain date.

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Yeah give them another 2 years and let them break another promise…

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Promise is a word used a lot and the last time Melih used the word Promise was in 2016 in relation to making CIS stronger, lighter and higher performance.

Anyway, looking forward to the upcoming updated version and how it compares with 8012 that still protects me from any virus out there when properly tweaked :smiley:

Yes, let us wait for new version in this forum sandbox where everything goes in but nothing comes out.

Hi everyone,
after a few years I returned to the new forum to understand what is the latest version of CIS and when will the new version of CIS (called 2024) come out.
Unfortunately, like the old forum, this one is also very confusing and difficult to navigate.
Can someone please tell me what is the latest version of CIS(Free) and when will the new CIS come out?

Thank you.


You haven’t missed out anything in those few years :slight_smile:

Current and very dusty CIS premium (Free) version :
Current and little dusty CIS Pro (Paid) version :

Bare in mind that there is very little difference between Premium and Pro version so better stuck with CIS premium for now.

And about new release, after more then 2 years waiting there’s still nobody on this forum who knows or likes to tell when and if a new version will come out. There are only speculations about new release and nothing more…

@CISfan i told you XIS Premium is also

Hi Nunzio Dabbruzo XIS Premium is updated from to

@1807, I was referring to the current officially downloadable Premium and Pro versions.
Can XIS Premium already be downloaded from somewhere?

yes i have installer

And where to download?

i will give it to you in dm