New CIS 2024 is coming!

so, we’re all waiting to see but am i blind or nothing happened yet?

And it won’t happen. There is no information even at what stage of development. All in the best traditions of Comodo are empty promises.

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So no news, good news as we say back home !

I saw what you wrote… :japanese_ogre:

comodo internet security is compatible with windows 11 version 22h2(compilation 25346.1001)


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here i use the link(user free):

Nothing indicates Windows 11 compatibility:

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here in my PC:

@DeathCat if it says 2024 then the new CIS will come in 2024 just wait for the new CIS god ■■■■

@victorlopes and you too you cant wait like 1 year to CIS to come man be patience

Stop misleading Comodo’s ad !


updates help to publicize and popularize products…

it was said before sommer 2023 well summer starts at june 21, therefor only 18 days remain, if they keep their word

that depends… here in brazil we are in fall already…

sorry dude… my bad.
only 2 more years, right?
lets wait… 2 years is nothing. we can wait…

cis working on your pc doesnt mean it is officialy compatible nor that it will work iin any pcs.

cis is not compatible with windows 11.

god ■■■■, its not compatible even with windows 10 22H2 (officialy)…

and were still waiting for something… I have to admit that im geting tired of this. all lies and nothing concrete to show us… almost 3 years waiting…

Rest is healthy ! :sleeping:

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@victorlopes man you are being rude to Comodo and you hate them stop the hate and wait for it

im not being rude nor hating them. im just a user tired of being treated like an idiot.

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