Need help Translating CIS into different languages

Hi Guys

The moment we have all been waiting for is upon us :slight_smile:

We are now ready to get the team of great Comodo users who are willing to help us translate CIS into different languages. Ideally we need 3 people per language please. But more is welcome.

So please help us and come and register here. (We are translating it to Chinese and Russian with our own guys so no need for volunteers for these two languages, but every other language we need your help pls)
Language Volunteers

1)German - BigMike, evil_religion, sevi95, sbridge - Done!
2)French - symbian, vulcain, souljah, Rapidon - Done!
3)Italian - Romagnolo1973, colmoti, clarensio, sirio, Kronos, yeiazel - Done!
4)Portuguese (Brazilian) - xxdarkstalkerxx, cristiano_lombardi, cassianoqs, neocoder, riagorodski
fatalmx - Done!
Portuguese (European) - thejoedoe, mokito,
5)Spanish - rafel, Narud, Thynaks, rolo, darcjrt - Done !
6)Japanese aroedrink, Nipsu, pul - Done!
7)Arabic - saad alfraanah,
8 )Hungarian - blattida, blackbox, arkangyal - Done!
9)Romanian - virtu, cosma_sebastian, Mihai Done!
10)Croatian - gakungak,
11)Dutch - Ronny, Rednose, SecurityManiac, Mack, eXPerience - Done!
12)Swedish - Monkey_Boy=), ragwing, JoWa, (LeoniAquila if needed) - Done!
13)Norwegian (Bokmal) - triplejolt, Slemmen, Charlie42 - Done!
Norwegian (Nynorsk) - Charlie42
15)Turkish - runoades, tyler78, cih - Done!
16)Greek NoIos,
17)Traditional and Simplified Chinese - danfong, speter, Will_Will - Done!
18)Czech - khagaroth, jiri, vnc - Done!
19)Polish - Breen, Sergeant Sykes, Komodo-Dragon, google_crawler, Janusz Grzybek - Done!
20)Indonesion - Lt. Ganda,
22)Finnish - niksru, DeFe, dee_ - Done!
25)Hebrew - lironjan,
26)Persian - Mooshy,
27)Korean - creasy,
30)Catalan - rafel,
31)Slovak - Mr.Henky, b.lauko, Anathaen - Done!
32)Serbian -, gakungak,
33)Ukrainian - TheSAS, yup,
34)Danish - MadsDingle, fuzz, Henrikl - Done!

(if i missed a language that you want to help translate pls let me know)

So now the registration is open for the volunteers to help Comodo translate into the above languages!

Your Country Needs You

Please Help us translate to keep your Country’s computers safe and secure.

Please respond to this post and tell us which language you would like to translate to so that we can start providing you with translation tools to help with the translation.

thank you for your efforts guys!

Translation Package:

Help File:

Few Notes:

  1. has a document ML_User_Guide_v.1.1.doc explaining how to use translation tool.
  2. Setup provided inside zip file is solely for seeing translation work in action and therefore marked as BETA. Should not be used in production environment.
  3. Please disable updates in CIS else it will get updated to latest release version.
  4. Please do not update AV definitions as well.
  5. is help file package, which has html and image files. Following points should be noted while translating help:
    a) Use editor of your choice to edit .html files
    b) Do not change name of any image or html file
    c) Do not change any link inside .html files
    d) After translation is done, please let us know, we can create .chm file and you can review it unless you can have Pocket CHM software to create .chm file.

Note for Installer Translation:

  1. Download
  2. Change extension to .lang
  3. Modify it for language name and language id.
  4. Translate all strings mentioned in file
  5. Place .lang file in same folder where you have setup placed, it will automatically recognize .lang file and show language name in combo box.
  6. Pick languge and installer will show your translation

This way you can see your translation work for installer. After you have sent us translation for installer, we will add it as part of installer.

Steps for Translating Comodo Internet Security Related Web Pages:

  1. Download
  2. Translate all HTML files present within it. Just change the display text please. Use tool of your choice.
  3. Please make sure, we do not change any:
    a) Hyperlinks
    b) Name of any image
    c) Any style-sheet
  4. Please upload translation back and we will incorporate into site.

Deadline for Translation:
Translations which have been reviewed and confirmed good by 14th April, 2009 will be made part of CIS 3.9 installer. This deadline does not include help file translation. Considering it can take some time to translate, please make it available as and when it is done and we will make sure it goes with next due release. Although will be nice to see it goes together.


Well… I could help to translate CIS to polish but I’m not sure if my english is good enough. Maybe there will be someone who could do this better, but if not… I’m here.

I think I can help Breen with the Polish translation. Melih, sign me in, please :slight_smile:

thank you Sergeant Sykes…


No problem :wink:

i can do Spanish and catalan because are the languages i speak every day.

I can do Czech translation, provided that the translation system won’t be as lame as the last one (for 2.4).

Thank you for accepting my help for the translation into French, it is with great pleasure
Best regards

I said I was willing to help with the Swedish translation before this… so sign me up on the Swedish Translation!
How do I start translating? A tool to download where? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

And does this mean you plan to ship 3.9 preinstalled with many languages to chose from? :smiley: :slight_smile:

And me,hahaha.

Sign me up for Swedish too. :slight_smile:

Hi Melih.

You can register my name for Turkish language translation.

Best regards
runoades (Aydin efesi)

I can do Portuguese translation. It will be a great pleasure to help Comodo, but like Breen I’m not sure if my english is good enough.

Bir Aydın Efesi’de burada var.

I can help with Turkish too. I dont know how good my english is. I did some subtitle translates but i think i can help.

I can do Latin. ;D

I can also do for Portuguese.
But for European Portuguese.
There is also Brazilian Portuguese.

Forgive my ignorance, but how much of a difference is there? And having said that, xxdarkstalkerxx, which one of these flavours are you signing up for?

shall we seperate it into 2 different portugese? Is that how other s/w do it?



This is what I have already done, Melih. I have several tabs open just to this thread so I can modify it as the posts arrive.
thank you.

Please let everyone know CIS is ready for translation guys, and if you know anyone who speaks another language Comodo needs there help.

Remember: 3 people per language…

I will make a sticky in the International Board to direct to this thread. - EDIT: Done!