Need help Translating CIS into different languages

(:WAV) Swedish!

Thanks Jowa.

I added your name. Swedish Translation now has 3 people, So it is now covered. Mods/Melih when Languages get full with 3 people put them in bold under the heading I put in Melih’s first post.

Thanks for your efforts guys!!


I can translate CIS to Slovak.

3 people per language… I’m Portuguese… English a bit rusty but can help any way for the European Portuguese :stuck_out_tongue:

but may need help on this because it’s the first time a try something like this… 88) (example: is there any software to use or we translate to a form?)

and yes Melih and software some times have both Portuguese for the user chose but sometimes there is only the Brazilian Portuguese

Tack Ragwing, Monkey_Boy=) och JoWa, jag hjälper er gärna om så behövs! Tre kanske är idealt men annars finns jag här som stöd. Min svenska anses vara bra av många på högskola och jobb. :slight_smile:

Italian is mine ;D

I added you, thank you very much :slight_smile:

Ditt stöd är alltid välkommet! :slight_smile: På tal om högskola, jag skall försöka undvika att plocka fram allt för mycket av min klassiska fornsvenska. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, ingen fara, det är väl bra om det är korrekt - ty enkom god svenska kommer att ge ett seriöst intryck. :smiley:

The only difference is on use of 2° person of the verb: portogues use You, brazilian use He
Making european portugues is the same of making brazilian.
I help in the portugues forum but my portugues is not so fluent for helping you and be the 3° user.
I prefer my born language Italian and in fact I am marked for doing it

The antivirus scheduler also has to be “translated”. AM/PM is not used in Sweden… 0–23, please. :slight_smile:

One for Hungarian! :wink:

Everyone up to this point has been added.


I would like to help with the Dutch translation :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

I already made and sent to Melih the Italian translation of CIS 3.5 some time ago, in a txt file.
I can “update it” to 3.8 (:NRD)

Not Solvak, Slovak :wink:

I’d like to help with the German translation. Hopefully I’ll find enough time :slight_smile:

Thanks colmoti! Just added you. :slight_smile: No need to update, Translation tools will be available soon…

Thank you also Big Mike, you have been added too.


Hi, Can can help out to translate into Dutch

Thank you for accepting my help for Turkish.

Best regards