Alernative ways for Translation, Questions, etc Topic

How will we get the translation tool and when?

I didn’t read the whole thread, sry if that has been asked.

Well, I’ve been away so I’m still catching up (it takes a whole time to read through almost all the posts, believe me 88))
but if I can remember right, it will be a translation tool that will come within 2 weeks. how we will get it and how it will work : I donno. Also the date is changeble as we all know …


Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Translation is only for GUI or for help too?


To eXPerience

There is not too much text. It will not be complicated translation. Manual - this is another story… :wink:

This is my concern about having users do the translating. I’ve seen a few posts in the wishlist and other areas offering to help translate, yet the post was written in broken english.

You need to be absolutely fluent in the language you are translating between, otherwise how can you expect decent results?

You’ll get problems like the “Exclusion List” not actually following the definition of the word exclusion…

Maybe my english is not perfect, but I think I can help to make good translation, especially in cooperation with other users. If we will have any doubts about quality of our translation we will change it.

We have to understand that different languages have their own grammatical rules etc. so not always it is possible to make translation literally. Translating from english to native language is much easier than for eg. from polish to english, italian to eng…

And of course, it would be better to make translations by professionals, but where are they? If Comodo could make translations itself they wouldn’t ask users for help.

you have missed one thing… i believe that having tree our more persons on translating CIS is to reduce the probability of having errors because the “bug hunting” task is divided by many… this shall be TEAM WORK in my idea

Of course, and that is why I think it can be good translation, because we will check each other’s work. And after all, there are online dictionaries :wink:

yes there are :smiley: I’ve even mentioned google translation tool because of when i ordered some bike parts in a German site (I’m Portuguese)

There are many translation services that can be hired. A quick internet search will turn up some up. I suspect though, that for a free application, Comodo would rather not hire professional translators.

Any please note that I wasn’t pointing you out specifically. Your English is quite good. I merely quoted you because you had mentioned that your English may not be good enough and it reminded me of a few posts I’d seen offering help.

Lets stick to the topic pls and pls allow volunteers to come thru…

you can create another thread if you wish to discuss alternative ways you would like to see translation done.

Please keep your support coming and register to help us translate!

thank you


What are you referring to Taiwanese? Traditional Chinese?

If you got your own people to translate to Chinese(Simplified?), it will be very easy converting Simplified Chinese to Traditional Chinese. Even MS Word can do that automatically.

what about Taiwanese ?I think you should say it as Traditional Chinese,understand, guy?

I’m a bit worried about this: some newbies are joining, saying they will help translate, and then leaving. :-\ I doubt some of them will remember or come back to help…

i believed that is one thing why there are 3 person for translating… to prevent that… i think… :wink:

Traditional Chinese is used in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and are also used by many Chinese around the world. Using the term Taiwanese for Traditional Chinese just cause confusions.

I suggest Comodo employ the standard terms widely used in Windows and Linux OS, i.e. Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

In post 1…
17)Taiwanese - danfong, speter, Will_Will - Done

You see. People get confused.

That why I said in my previous post that Comodo should use the standard term Traditional Chinese.

I’m living in Hong Kong doesn’t mean that I’m now typing in hongkongese.

Are you suggesting this one is invalid and should be removed?

Let me explain the situation.
We have two types of Chinese characters, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

Simplified Chinese characters are modified from Traditional Chinese by the Communist Party, i.e.,

Before 1950, we only had Traditional Chinese.

Now, People in mainland China use Simplified Chinese. But in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and many Chinese around the world, they are still using Traditional Chinese.

I notes that Comodo works on Chinese internally, but do not mention Traditional or Simplified Chinese. (I presume Comodo refers to Simplified Chinese as I noted Taiwanese down the list)

a) If Comodo also works on both Simplified and Traditional Chinese internally, I think you can delete Taiwanese.
b) If Comodo do not work on Traditional Chinese internally, I think it is better correct the term Taiwanese to Traditional Chinese.

Hope I explained it clearly.