I need answers and commitments

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I just need comodo’s official staff to assure me that “every version of CIS 2024 beta from to is free of bugs that can cause accidental uploads of private files”
I know Comodo doesn’t normally upload files other than executables, but I need to get rid of the beta bugs in order to sleep peacefully.
All you have to do is tell me if there really is a bug in the beta that could cause confidential files to leak.
You just need to tell me “Sorry, there is a bug that could lead to privacy file leakage” or “No, there was no bug that caused the wrong upload of privacy files, it was your memory mistake”

@ilgaz At the same time, you also need to reply to this netizen’s question.

For the love of GOD, help this friend here on the forum, he’s been asking for days and no one from the COMODO team has come to answer his questions.

See? if the home user versions of comodo were to be made open source, they’d be forced to fix things as fast as possible, because the problems would be easily discoverable by literally anyone who can read the code.

This is why I get so frustrated with the people at Xcitium, they stay silent when people need answers from them. That’s why I always suggest that you submit malware information here on the forums where everyone can see it, because then they add it to the malware database quickly, because they have to acknowledge it when it’s public like this

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Based on what you commented now it made me think.

At XCitum they don’t say anything, I’ve already posted nothing else there and said it.

Always inform that you will speak to the Developer or Development Team

Programmers. and I haven’t had an answer for days.

Always silent, don’t say anything about what you posted.

Yes. Comodo’s staff has remained silent. This made me start to doubt whether this bug really exists, and whether our confidential files were really leaked.

A note on the subject in relation to where I live:

Depending on each country, there is a law for data leakage.

Here where I live there is a data protection law.

Is there any law where you live?

The place where I live has data protection laws. Comodo will comply with the law, but bugs will not. If the bug that causes file upload errors really exists, then this bug will not comply with the law.

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Now I’m even more scared. I did not know.

Thinking according to your thoughts really makes sense.
was spoken.

What should we do? change AV?

Do you have anything to do with the problem?

Yes, I changed a different anti-virus software. Before receiving the COMODO’s official personnel on the privacy commitment of “whether the BUG of the Document Exist”, I did not intend to switch back.

Can you tell me which one you are using?

I am currently using ESET.

Wow, I’ve seen many people recommend ESET for use, even better than Kaspersky, which countries are banning in the country because of the war. It may be on that list, but I’m not sure.
But it’s great to know that you have a good antivirus. What do you think, does it have a lot of good tools?

I think ESET has better antivirus capabilities than Comodo, but it doesn’t have Comodo’s automatic sandbox. I want to use the sandbox feature of Comodo, but I dare not use it until the developers of Comodo issue a statement.

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As far as you know, all antivirus software has a sandbox inside it.
When a file is downloaded, it automatically goes to the sanbox and is executed and analyzed quickly and then gives a verdict.
ESET Security Premium, it has an automatic tool as soon as it downloads the file, it is unknown, and it is automatically sent to the eset cloud and verified and gives you an answer within 5 minutes whether it is infected or not.

But comodo can provide sandbox protection throughout the entire process of running unknown files, which is the most different from eset.
As long as the developer can provide me with a privacy commitment, I am still willing to use comodo. But they didn’t speak, only other users were replying to me on the forum.

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I agree with you regarding this.

What is comfortable and terrible is malware detection.

Any antivirus is better than Comodo, I’m not the one talking, the tests are done.

Unfortunately, I didn’t want it to be like that.

comodo should participate in AV-TESTE and AV-COMPARATIVE so that its customers can be sure.

In order to defend against viruses perfectly, I think it is necessary to use Comodo together with other antivirus software. The scanning detection rate of Comodo is too low.

I’m currently using COMODO with MalwareBytes to do on-demand scanning.

The efficiency of Comodo’s staff is also not good. It has been more than ten days since I first posted, and they still haven’t solved my problem - does the bug that caused file leaks really exist?