I think the official staff of Comodo should issue a statement

I believe that Comodo should release a statement to determine if there are any bugs in each version of CIS 2024 BETA, ranging from to, that could potentially result in the accidental upload of private files.This is the answer @LindaHerbert5735 has been seeking. It is incumbent upon Comodo officials to issue a statement on this matter. Such a statement would offer @LindaHerbert5735 peace of mind, and provide reassurance to all of us as users.

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Hello COMODO Community.

As has already been said in several topics here on the forum.

Help our friend @Amiya5207281 who is asking for help from all of you at comodo to resolve or resolve his doubts.

There have been several of his posts so far no one has responded.

Help urgently

Thank you for your help. However, I think the issue with @LindaHerbert5735 should be addressed first. My post is not so important.
The issue I am concerned about is the same as his. By solving his problem, I can also address mine.

Your problem is mine too, because everyone who uses the CIS product can run the same risk.
That’s why I’m also here to try to help.

please help @ LindaHerbert5735,thanks

Thank you for your help :smiley:

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I agree with your statement. The developers of Comodo are responsible for issuing a statement regarding the existence of any bugs in the beta version that may cause file leaks. Because users have the right to know about these.

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Thank you for your support :smile:

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Nivedithab said that the team will reply to all of the questions soon

Hello @Amiya5207281 The XCitium Team is working to give you the answer you need.

Go to their forum and you will see that there are more people trying to help you there by sharing their questions about the CIS. Link below:

Nivedithab will share the questions to development team and they will get back to @Amiya5207281 and @LindaHerbert5735 as soon as possible

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Hi all, CIS Beta (or any other CIS version) doesn’t send any non-PE files including personal information (word, pdf, txt etc) unless you “manually” send.

Please refer to this post: