I need answers and commitments

My friend has been installing COMODO for 12 days, I hadn’t used it. I found out about a YouTube video of someone talking about firewall containment.
However, when I arrived here I went to research and talk to XCitium about the development of COMODO.
Nobody answered me anything, you must know how I’m feeling, you see several comments here on the forum, about how weak it is against malwarebytes, this is very complicated for me to stick with CIS, if someone doesn’t say anything.
If no one on the COMODO team says anything, it will be difficult to continue using CIS. :worried:

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Yes, we need someone from the CIS team to make a statement. Otherwise, it will be difficult to use.

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that’s not what I was saying at all.

Comodo is easy to use, as long as you know how to configure it and you understand that it won’t ever pop up if everything is fine.

Xcitium’s staff is bad at communicating. That’s what I was saying.

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I went to the XCitium forum to ask some questions.
He hasn’t responded to me for days, what they say and what he’s going to say to the developers and the team.

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Please refer to EULAs regarding file submissions as you agree to them when using the software. A copy is in the Comodo Folder and they are also listed on the below links.

Comodo: https://www.comodo.com/about/comodo-agreements.php

Xcitium: https://www.xcitium.com/legal-repository/

Your answer regarding file submissions is outlined in those agreements.


Hello, I have already understood the data collection situation of comodo under normal circumstances. But now what I want to know is whether there are any bugs that cause incorrect uploading of privacy files.
You just need to tell me “Sorry, there is a bug that could lead to privacy file leakage” or “No, there was no bug that caused the wrong upload of privacy files, it was your memory mistake”

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Nivedithab said that he has requested the team to look on it and they should respond back really soon

OK,thank you for your help!

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CIS Beta (or any other CIS version) doesn’t send any non-PE files including personal information (word, pdf, txt etc) unless you “manually” send.

Please refer to this post:

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