I need a privacy commitment from comodo's official developer

I’m not intentionally looking for trouble.I’ve been worried about my private files for a few days now and it’s causing me sleepless nights. I just need comodo’s official staff to assure me that “every version of CIS 2024 beta from to is free of bugs that can cause accidental uploads of private files” before I can continue to use comodo. As I said earlier, I can’t confirm for myself if it was uploaded or not, I’m just very concerned. @ilgaz , can you give me that assurance? (If you’re not sure, you can go ahead and check before replying to me)

I’m really not looking for trouble on purpose. I just have privacy anxiety. I can’t sleep after thinking about my private files being uploaded. @ilgaz All you need to do is to give me a promise - “All versions of CIS 2024 beta to are free of bugs that can lead to the leakage of private files” - and you can let me sleep in peace. Can you do that?

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You have already been given a list of file extensions that are uploaded by CIS from @ilgaz .

You have not been able to provide evidence or logs or specific information in order to investigate your issue. I myself have several documents all over my PC including on my Desktop of all sort of types and none of them have ever been uploaded to Comodo. I have tested each one of these betas several times and monitored logs and everything and despite trying to upload documents manually, it’s not allowed me to at my end. I can upload files with the extensions provided by ilgaz but not word or text or doc or pdf files.

I can’t find any record of this happening with any other user so without evidence and without being able to re-produce the issue, all we have to go on is your memory of a file being uploaded.

If your willing to test and try and reproduce the issue at your end then hopefully, if it can be reproduced then the devs can look into it and respond regarding guarantees.

Yes, I am willing to test and try and am trying to reproduce the problem on my end. My guess is that it might be a language issue. My OS, folder names and file names are not in English. It could be that the language issue is causing a buffer overflow or some other bug. in this case it is more difficult to reproduce the problem. I asked the official developers to check the CIS code base and provide me with a privacy promise. @ilgaz

I’ve reproduced the problem.As shown in the image, I successfully submitted a csv and a txt file.

However, nothing is shown in the “Submitted Files” list.

@ilgaz @EricCryptid
Hopefully this is just a bug causing a false upload. Hopefully my files haven’t been uploaded yet. I asked the official developers to check the CIS code base and provide me with a privacy promise.

See response on the other thread:

@ilgaz Can you ensure that all versions of CIS 2024 BETA, ranging from to, are free of bugs that result in confidential files being leaked?


It’s certainly very worrying.

However, it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Could someone set up a proxy to verify this and reassure all present and future readers?

I can’t remember if it’s possible to check this with Wireshark.

To tell the truth, I’ve never really used it.

I’ve already mentioned Proxomitron. It can be used to clear encrypted traffic once it has been properly installed.

Perhaps the two together will allow you to check this thoroughly and put our minds at rest.

It’ll be more credible if it’s done by someone who doesn’t usually or blindly defend Comodo.

Surely a computer expert, a real one, not me :-)), who passes by here could be kind enough to test this and reassure you using the appropriate techniques.

In doing so, he’d be reassuring us all.

Many thanks in advance.

In Brazil and Europe, the law on private data is more restrictive. I think Comodo is obliged to respect it. Heavy fines have already been issued to other companies in the sector. At Comodo, they’re Pros. They can’t be unaware of this. So you’d think that’s the case from a legal point of view, and I hope an independent IT specialist will soon reassure you from a technical point of view.

Having said that, I seem to recall that Pierre Pinard, a French IT security specialist, was also septic on this point in the past…

So we’re waiting to be reassured by a recognized IT expert in the field.

For the time being, I’m sleeping peacefully, as I’ve noticed that few packets are being sent to Comodo compared with the sheer volume of my files :wink:

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hi @LindaHerbert5735 , the screenshots you sent are from manual file submit UI. To be honest, correlating manual file submission with automatic file submission is and calling it a bug does not make any sense.

Automatic file submission happens only for PE files (if it is enabled), where you may also send non-PE files manually.

To summarize, CIS Beta (or any other CIS version) doesn’t send any non-PE files which may or may not include personal information (word, pdf, txt etc) unless you “manually” send.