How to uninstall Launch Pad?

I installed COMODO Antivirus and Firewall but I did’t like them so I unistalled them BUT Launch PAd is always installed and there is an uninstaller.

Please could someone tells me what I have to do in order to uninstall it (v. ?



Comodo is currently removing the launch pad from the Comodo product line. Do you have any other Comodo products installed such as backup, or i-Vault?

Not Anymore. I unistalled all Comodo software.


I would recommend re-installing the antivirus, then running the uninstall in Add or Remove Programs, that should remove the launch pad, it seems something may have gone wrong in your last uninstall.

I did but it’s at the same place still (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP)

Try updating Launch Pad to V1.1.1.6 and then try uninstalling it. You can update it by right clicking on its system tray icon and selecting “Check for updates”.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

I updated it but now in which way I can unistall it ??? have I to install again that anvirus

It would seem so, because Comodo Launch Pad does not have an uninstaller itself, it is supposed to uninstall when the Comodo Products are uninstalled.

it’s a very good software, Developers are to be very happy of that (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP)

I can installa something else or just antivirus ??? is Comodo AntiSpam ok ???


You can install Comodo Backup, or i-Vault (I believe that comes with the Launch Pad but am sure the Backup does).

is Comodo AntiSpam ok ?

No, Comodo Antispam is not yet integrated within Comodo Launch Pad.

I try with backup so

Ok, please post your results back :slight_smile:

of course

like your tagline Pippo (:WIN)
lets hope we can change your opinion of our s/w so that you can change that tagline and remove the “don’t” from it :slight_smile:


it’s here still


is it possible unistalling it manually ???

I don’t think so

Please tell me what I have to do in order to unistall it

How can I uninstall it ???

I wait still (CWY) (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP)