[HELP] Filesystem filter driver is not loaded?

Dear All,

First thanks for comodo offering free antivirus for linux.
Please help, i have problem. Comodo Antivirus for Linux (Ubuntu) reported error “Filesystem filter driver is not loaded”. i have follow “Run Diagnostics” instuction. i have install “/opt/COMODO/post_setup.sh” then run “/etc/init.d/cmdavd restart”, then appears popup “The diagnostic utility could not fix some of the problems. Would you like to create a diagnostics report?” and i save the xml file in desktop. the problem is not repaired.
Sorry for my bad english.

*i’m use ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Best & Regrads.

I don’t believe you can fix this unless you apply KINTA-JAPAN’s unofficial (ie not Comodo approved) patch. You can find a link to it on this forum.

Without it CAVL will still scan on-demand, it just won’t work in real time (ie on-access).

If you aren’t running a server, do you need real-time scanning under Linux?

thanks for the answer, so far comodo does not make official patch?

I know a lot of people say linux invulnerable from virus, but I just want to safety .
it easier to detect windows are affected the virus other than to detect virus on linux.

Hello Vikar,

I have the same problem, running CAV on Linux 14.04 LTS/Ubuntu. I wrote a mail to Comodo, about two month ago, but they’re NOT interested at all, I never got an answer.
So beste thing to do: doing nothing!
Use Comodo AV under Linux / Ubuntu 14.04 LTS like it is, don’ worry about the “red shield” on the left; it still works fine and it has to surch only for (Windows)viruses, if you receive one by mail, or via a separate installation/USB-Stick, harddisc or such item.

And please - forget on any of this patches, they doesn’t work.
Eather you keep your Comodo installation like I do, and run it from time to time, or you uninstall CAV and actually there is no need for a AV on Linux :slight_smile:

More links and information about the CAV and the problems are below; if you prefer the German language, you can use the second link and write a comment :wink:


@ maglin

I don't believe you can fix this unless you apply KINTA-JAPAN's unofficial (ie not Comodo approved) patch.

This patch doesn’t work, not on my installation :frowning:

hi Vikar,

This is, because you need a file for your COMODO-Installation called driver.tar, which you get here:

What you have to do:

  1. Choose the one for kernel 3.15 or lower from this website. Download it.

  2. Then go to your desktop and press Alt + F2

  3. type in this:

gksu nautilus


gksu nemo

depending on your filemanager. Type in your password.

  1. here go to your downloads-folder. There do a rightclick on this downloaded driver.tar-file

select “copy”

then select “cut”.

  1. return into the folder /opt/COMODO

  2. there insert this downloaded driver.tar-file.

  3. close your filemanager

  4. open your Terminal and type in this command:

cd /opt/COMODO

Then follows this command:

sudo ./post_setup.sh

Press Enter.

  1. Read trough this declaration slowly and carefully, because:

  2. you need to click “accept” when prompted to do so

  3. then you have to enter your emailaddress then prompted to do so.

  4. select the number of your language in the list shown to you by typeing in the number.

  5. Then press Enter and let everything run through completely!!

  6. then restart your machine and you will see your COMODO AntiVirus being active and installed propperly.

What you should additionally know is this:

Everytime, when a new fresh Ubuntukernel arrives, Comodo stopps working first. This is depending on this driver.tar-file in /opt/COMODO!

So to get it back working is:

  1. press Alt + F2

  2. type in

gksu nautilus

or even

gksu nemo

depending on your installed filemanager.

  1. Then go to the folder /opt/COMODO.

  2. there delete the old driver.tar-file. Keep your filemanager opened, because we still need it!

  3. go to your browser and download the one from this website shown above.

  4. return back to your filemanager, which you still have open.

  5. there go to your downloads-folder and do a rightclick on the downloaded driver.tar-file.
    Select “copy” and “cut”.

  6. return back into the folder /opt/COMODO

  7. there do a rightclick on a free space and select “paste” to insert this new driver.tar-file into this folder!!

  8. close your filemanager and open your Terminal.

  9. there type in this command:

cd /opt/COMODO

Then follows this command:

sudo ./post_setup.sh

Press Enter to read the declaration slowly and carefully because:

a) you need to click “accept” when prompted to do so
b) you have to enter your emailaddress
c) you have to choose the appropriate number of your language shown in the list to you. Type in the number of your language

  1. Press Enter and let it run through. Close your Terminal and all open Applications.

  2. For getting COMODO back to working, we need to restart your machine first. So restart your machine!

After the restart - wen you are back on your desktop- just open COMODO from your panel and you will see, the all services of
Comodo are back working and the shield is green. :slight_smile:


Hello BTJustice

I’ve tryed the ways you had posted it, but it doesn’t work at all :-\


Even if I followed your instuctions, and aftera restart of the system (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS x64) the Comodo-shield is still red.
I have NO idea what the problems are, or what the problem cause, I was trying that so many times. May CAV is not running on
Linux at all…?

After I did your instuctions, the result you see on the screenshot

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