Give all that for FREE!!! What's the Catch? How does Comodo Make Money?

This is a link to a new version of our Manifesto to understand why we are doing what we are doing

What Comodo is trying to do is simple! Give high quality high security desktop security products for free!

Why?: Comodo makes money selling Digital Certificates to businesses (we are the guys who enable the yellow padlock you see when you visit sites etc). We decided to build our Brand, Comodo, to be a household name. We don’t have $500Million sitting in the bank account

(hold on…let me check with my Chief Financial Officer (CFO) …

2 min later…

Ok confirmed we don’t! :slight_smile: )

for us to run a huge advertising campaign so that we can build the brand.

Comodo is full of techies who are damn good at what they do. So we said, why not give everyone a desktop security products for free! If we are able to write good software and give such valuable software for free, our name will be known in the market place, we will build our Comodo brand and this brand will be associated with security. And this will help us sell more Digital Certificates and other services we have as we will have a big brand!

All we want from our users is their trust! of course, we understand that we have to earn it! We are doing that by building, for our users, unmatched Desktop security products so that they will never have to worry about

1)Which security product they should buy

2)Where they should buy it from

3)How much they should pay for it.

Because we will provide them all of the security products they will need, for free, we are hoping that we will gain our user’s trust so that we can be a big brand and this will help our other services that we sell to enterprises!

Also if we can achieve our goals, it will mean people who could not otherwise have access to security technologies, can now have it for free. This will help the fight against spyware/trojans that convert PCs into zombies and help the virtual criminal underworld. Afterall its not the PCs in large enterprises that are zombies but its the ones at people’s home who cannot afford (or not prepared) to pay for these type of products. And in return this will lead to creating a more trusted ecosystem for all of us to interact with on the Internet! So its a win-win for the end users and Comodo!

Hope I explained myself well enough (to me it sounded bloody good :slight_smile: )




Hi Melih,

That certainly was good - and funny :smiley: BTW, you have a Comodo rocks smiley why not have a Melih rocks as well for giving us these great products for free?




Thanks for taking the time to completely and thoroughly explain that, I think its wonderful that Comodo is doing this, and hope that you will gain the trust of users so you may sell your products to enterprises, you have already earned my trust (using all Comodo products for security) and I think you are doing a good job earning others!


(R) (L)

Having been a longtime Comodo software user it is easy for me to say without a doubt that you will make a huge difference in the WWW community. I look forward to seeing just how bright this light will shine in the future.
Thanks for ALL of your great products.

(B) Lee

I don’t know if this is considered longtime but I have been using the Firewall since the 1.0 version :o it was OK then but it is GREAT now and is getting better all the time, I will stick with Comodo there is no need to change.

Hope you can continue to do your best for your nice project… :wink:

As do I (L)

Well I will continue from my side! But I need your help too! without your help and other user’s help I simply cannot do it! Do I have your support to help me achieve our goals?


I assure you that you have mine :smiley:

(L) (B) (R)

Nice product I was reading about the Comodo firewall in Pc Magazine and it was among the best rated for free use so I thought I’d give it awhirl.

I tried the antivirus too and I’m running a scan as I speak.

Great work Melih!


It seems that yes! :stuck_out_tongue:

Melih, you have my support too.

Thanks so much!!! I was using ZA pro, Comodo seems better (I only have it 2 days, still learning it) and even though it seems to use more resources, it loads SO SO MUCH faster than ZA!!

THanks for everything!

Count on it!

I installed the Comodo firewall a couple of weeks ago on one machine, and have converted all of them, except for one laptop (low RAM/CPU at 192/233 on XP PRO: kept ZA) since. Smooth install; good integration with existing softwares and operating system (XP PRO); and no conflicting apps; quite detailed feedback on my programs, and on the computers in- and out- traffic; Stealth status all around; etc… Very happy overall. My next attempt will be to connect workstations and laptops through a network and assess feasibility / performance.

If you are looking for feedback, I have 4 benign suggestions for your consideration:

  1. Make the “Scan for Existing Applications” option more evident. Conversely, offer the option for automated scanning during setup.

  2. Offer an online scan during firewall setup for malware and viral detection, and thereafter follow it up with the scan for existing apps (in reference above).

  3. Offer a direct option to readily “Block all Internet Traffic” in one step at the click of one button (similar to ZA).

  4. Although nowhere near the load on resources, characteristic of No*ton products (never, ever again), and although it appears to me that the Comodo engine loads extremely quickly, however it consumes quite a bit of resources when compared to the other few I have used in the past few years.

That’s it. Thank you once again for a great product.

All the best!

Hi and welcome,

  1. This option is in the stratup, but depends if you choose to do a manual or automatic setup.
  2. I like that idea :wink: Can you add it to the firewall wishlist?
  3. There is already this option, but it’s not direct. This has been mentioned before, so it may be added :wink:
  4. From version 2.3 (released Thursday) you will notice a massive resource reduction, putting it much lower than some of the others. :slight_smile:

Again welcome to Comodo and the forums,

Read MANY reviews for Comodo Firewall and they were all EXTREMELY positive. So, I uninstalled my McAfee firewall and installed Comodo. And I have to say that I am VERY happy with its performance. My McAfee subscription was about to expire. And though I am very happy with McAfee’s performance, I will not be renewing. I will stick with Comodo Firewall instead. But, unfortunately, I can’t say the same thing about Comodo Antivirus. I also read MANY reviews for that and they were all very unfavorable. It barely rates a 2.5 out of 5 on I won’t get specific, but the things that most reviewers say about it are very damaging to Comodo’s reputation. Don’t get me wrong, I have NOTHING bad to say about Comodo. But I think I’ll wait a while before trying the antivirus. Keep up the great work Melih and team. I love you guys and what you stand for. (L) (R) (M) (CLY) (:KWL)


I am glad you like the firewall, but please understand that CAVS is a beta, beta means that it is not complete, meaning it has bugs, and cause problems with the system, it is really only for people who know how to deal with these bugs, and report them to Comodo so they can be fixed. Also the 2.0 version of CAVS will be released on September 18th (date subject to change). The new version will feature many fixes and new features including HIPS.


Thanks for the response Justin. I’m not much at dealing with bugs. So, I’ll definitely wait until they’re worked out of CAVS. I really like the fact that ya’ll will be including Host Intrustion Prevention in your latest version. A BIG plus, especially since it’ll be included in the free version. I can’t wait to start using it. Keep up the good work and thanks to all the team.


Glad you like the idea ;). When you said “Free Version” did you mean something like a stripped down free version where some features are limited? Because with Comodo this is not the case, the free version is the full version ;).