Donna's views on Comodo.

Oh that’s that “want to be security” broad and her minions Clown Posse from the updates place. I think she is just mad because the toolbar group turn her down

That’s odd. I just installed the release version of CIS and couldn’t find the toolbar option during the install and it wasn’t there after the install. I looked in the installation folder but it wasn’t there. Not in the start menu. No shortcuts on my desktop. It’s not under the pile of leftover paperwork from Friday. Sifted through the CD box - nope. Checked under the desk - nada.

Not in the trees.
Not in the cheese.
Not in a box.
Not in my socks.

Maybe the dog took it.


P.S. Does it really serve any benefit to revive a 5 month of topic??

Actually, the toolbar still comes bundled with CFP and CIS. But for people to install it, they got to perform a clean install of CFP/CIS.

Anyway, no reason to revive this topic, as you well mentioned, but toolbar shouldn’t even come bundled with CFP or CIS. If Comodo wants a way for their users to help them out, then why not the simple button Donate. I belive we users of Comodo products would rather donate, than to perform our online searches in That’s just my opinion…

Honestly, we should all ask each other: Are you making any searches in I bet no one is…

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Thanks Donna for dropping by (:NRD)

I have always had issues/problems with the toolbar. The solution was to keep it off my computer(s). Now, any time a program installer asks if I wish to include (their) variation of this toolbar (Comodo included), I refuse to select it. Haven’t had issues as long as it is off my system.
Girlfriend put it on one day as an included option of an install program. I knew it almost immediately due to issues returning. Again, removing it, issues resolved.

Sorry Comodo, is not a good toolbar for any application in my view.