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Have any one hear of this free product? any feedback from it or does anybody knows if this is compatible with comodo BOClean, AV and CFP? please reply cause i do download it and thinking if it’ll work hand in hand with comodo’s :Beer

check this site

I saw it mentioned on under the Best Security Suite. That suite also includes CFP and CBOClean so I asume it is compatible. Maybe it is worth a try :slight_smile:

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It’s no firewall. In my opinion it’s closer to a HIPS, alhough it is also not that.

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DriveSentry not only allows you to control which programs have access to your drives, it also lets you determine the file types, folders and registry keys that the application can access.

Frome here :

So I think the thread title is wrong :slight_smile:

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I think it’s no network monitoring firewall, but data protection software :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

v3 does have similar features :slight_smile:


Hi Everyone

Let me ask the experts. As anyone tried this AntiVirus/Malware protector? I was just curious to know if it is any good. I have not seen many reviews on it.


I don’t see it in AV Comparatives nor do i see it in virus.rg. It is also not in So what does that tell you. If you want free get Avast. if you want paid get NOD32.

I use DriveSentry 3.1, and have evaluated and tested every other build since 2.0 back in the day. I have got to say that Drive Sentry is a little gem, so yes i would recommend anyone and everyone to try it and support its new approach to securing your system and data.

Worth checking it out, even if you just browse DriveSentry 3.1’s key features on their website.

let me know your thoughts anyone…would love another opinion. (:NRD)

What does that tell you??? I would just like to say…dont rely on others to tell you, try things for yourself if you have the time. There are many un-discovered gems out there and i feel this is one of them. Dont be too quick to knock it. (:WAV)

Try this one (DriveSentry 3.1), its free, easy and effective check these youtube Antivirus showdown videos Drivesentry detects the most viruses out of AVG, Threatfire and more.

see what you think… (:WAV)

I don’t think it’s that bad at all. I’m running it on a test box and it’s doing fine. I love the logging that occurs. Great way to capture exactly what an install is putting on your drive. I may keep it around just for that.

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PC Pro magazine offering this free for lifetime of pc though you can download it online.

Your thoughts pls…


By looking at the screen shots it seems like a HIPS program and no a virus scanner.

Quite complex product. I’d suggest reading this Wilders Security thread to get a better idea on how it works. :-La

I’m testing it out - looks good.

EDIT:: They are discussing DS at wilders, with one of their staff members.

They must be using the phrase “data firewall” as meaning “a firewall for the data that exists on your system and what can or cannot access it”. DriveSentry is a great product, but it is really just a whitelist based HIPS. A bloody good one, but nothing more than that.

I’ve tested the last couple of revisions and there is no traffic monitoring, just application layer monitoring.

Just like J-Lo, nice HIPS.

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Thanks ewen,

It kinda looks like Comodo is heading towards what drivesentry is doing?

White listing, Black listing, HIPS and an advisor (Will give information on what users before you have selected if the program is unknown) -

i like the advisor part of drivesentry,looks like thats what threatcast will do for comodo that will be a great addition i think