Do you still think that Comodo V8 is safe to use

Hi all,

As you saw the title, do you think after your test CIS V8 that it is safe to use?

I will talk about myself:
After that I tested Comodo v8, I was disappointed so much, I’d think the developers Comodo will develop supernatural version,But instead of this developed a full version of bugs

When comparing the version 8, with the version 7 i find a large difference between protection

Example: hacktool njtat Was able to control the victim in CIS 6.3
1-Robbed the victim’s passwords in browsers
2-Can full control Webcam
3-Monitor clicks Keyboard
4-njRAT able to desktop imaging
5-njRAT able to, control the mouse and keyboard

in CIS 7
njRAT was unable to connect yo the haker "strong sandbox "

in CIS 8
1-njRAT Robbed the victim’s passwords in browsers
2-Some Ransomware was able to close the desktop screen And disabled “ALT +CTRL DELETE”
3-Some problems in Downloads programs,Meaning that you can download any application is unknown and is not restricted
4-Problem decompress archive files
Also there are many unresolved problems can be found in section BUGS
5-You can download malicious files and restrict BY Sandbox but if opened again will move the files to the list of trusted
6-And at the moment there are problems in the settings of proactive
7-Comodo also trust applications until it trusted applications designed to penetrate When the installation Comodo, also if Comodo did not trust it does not restrict applications

I am sorry for my English, I leave with you the microphone

I was restart the computer after installing Comodo,But I do not know why the problem still exists, Anyway I’m re-test On another system And also I restart the computer in the video test.
When you compare the first video in this video find the same results :slight_smile:

Any statement on video?

Comodo seems to be shifting it’s focus from maximum security by default to better application compatibility, but lower security. The good thing about Comodo however is that it can still be customized and configured to provide the best possible security config. That is what makes Comodo better than other programs IMO. So, Yes, V8 is safe to use, if you know how to configure it.

Its allways the same.
New version, bugs and problems. After a year the version is ok to use.
Then comes the next version…

Version 8 is a clicking fest.
I was clicking the whole day, where i usually have to click once per application.

I even had to empty the list of unknown files to put them into TRUSTED list. AFTER i allowed them as accpeted application.
I never had any file in that list before. Apart from clean pc mode. But that mode is creating necessarity to click. Its not an easier mode. So i didnt use it. Even paranoid mode is easier than clean pc mode.

The trusted list in the past contained just normal things. Now it would get filled (by me) with ANYTHING.

Removed this version. All this “userfriendlyness” is in the end producing additional tasks for people who manage their security.
Its only userfriendly for those who do not care or dont look at things.

While userfriendlyness does not say, its automatically safe for those people.

Surely, please see the my topic in section bugs

True, but not everyone knows the advantages protection programs hidden between the lines
Most users installs the program and forget the program.
Also proactive settings can be skipped, running through the application and Comodo transmitted to the list of trusted files

The best choice currently is version 7, a few of his problems, compared with version 8 also easy to use, for example, will not suffer from any application exception discoverer of AntiVirus and will not transfer suspicious applications to the list of trusted files

Very good analysis. I will continue with v.7

I’m guessing v7 is the new CIS 5.12?

Please look at this link “simple comparison between the sandbox version7 and 5.12”

I have also problems with CIS 8 and would like to use version 7, does someone has the latest version (7.0.317799) and can post download link?

Hi Liron,
Previous versions can be found at filehorse in the links below.
Comodo Internet Security 7.0.317799 (64-bit)-filehorse
Comodo Internet Security 7.0.317799 (32-bit)-filehorse

Kind regards.

Hello and thanks,

however if u download from this site Dragon will say at the end of the download that this file can harm ur computer and Dragon blocked it, also pay attention to the download size only 96 MB while version 7 is about 226 MB… I manage to get it from another source…

Thank you!

Hi Liron,
The downloads are non bundled and separate 32/64-bit versions.

As for Dragon flagging it, I am not sure why.

Kind regards.

I’ve experienced that with all Comodo files downloaded from aanywhere else than Comodos site. For example I downloaded dragon from here, not flagged, uploaded it to my mega account and downloaded it, flagged… It’s weird.

Ok, good to know it.


For those who are looking for the old version, they should try this sites

or this

Version 7.0.317799.4142 [7.0.55655.4142]: [16 April 2014 23:56:40] [219MB]
MD5: B03C6045711E56C4F9A48184462EAF84
SHA1: 3BC936A249E5A93B448E6FAA275E6C0A995A0A51

FileHippo’s download links are downloading the latest version of CIS whatever version u r choosing…

Hello all,
Prove the truth of what I was talking about [Video] :smiley:

*The first test:General test I tested a lot of properties hacker tool

1-test Control desktop The test succeeded partially ,I was control the mouse and keyboard ,but the desktop is not showing"blocking by comodo"
2-Files victim Control,I was able to delete and create and modify files, also I was able to upload any file exists in the victim’s computer and upload any file on the victim computer
3-I was able to open documents and executables
Note: There are some files can not be deleted, such as desktop

*The second test:Access to passwords stored in Browser"Cookise"

1-Automatic way :in the hacktool the option get passwords is Failed
2-Manual way: you can go to this path and extract Cookise, then downloads the Cookise and analysis by historian tools Or any other method

browser chrome
C:\Users\Your User Name\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Local Storage
browser ie

3-The third way: upload tool to the victim’s computer and then run the tool to work to bring all password This method failed

*test accses to WebCam

Note 1: There are differences in the ability of malware rat to control the different systems
Note 2:In the last test: I used Parallels Workstation because virtualbox unsupportsd usb in the real system 7x64, olso vmware there are problems in communication because i used vpn connct

I looked at the first test and noticed you had not rebooted CIS after installing it. That makes your test results untrustworthy. See attached image for proof. Could you please run Test 1 again?

I haven’t had the time to look at Test 2 and Test 3. Can you tell me if you rebooted CIS after installing Test 2 and Test 3?

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