COMODO Time Machine 2.4.125818.154 FINAL Released!

Hi Guys

Comodo Time Machine, the final version, has been released and you can download it from the Comodo website:

Existing CTM RC2 users can update via the internal updater.


Thanks alot 3xist,
Comodo time machine is simple to use & its blessing,

Cheers! i m downloading it to make fresh install, many people whom i given comodo time machine loved it in beta versions, so they will be also pleased that final version arrived.

Thanks comodo team for release final version of comodo time machine.


Thnx :slight_smile:

But release notes are needed :wink:

Greetz, Red,

Thanks cant wait to giver ago…Hopes she goes smooth. + one on those release notes tho.


Thanks, I’ll test it in my VM when I get time. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be using CTM, as it seems to cause a Windows boot-up slow-down with RC2 (about 10 seconds). I doubt the FINAL will have improved this.

many 10x for this great software :-TU

finaly got it installed an running right this could verywell be the next big thing
+++++ is free

Why does it still not work with encryption software. I can see why there may be conflicts when you have you system drive encrypted, But surely it could work when you just use an encrypted file container???


I am looking forward to testing it once I complete my hardware updates (mobo, cpu, case and ram.)

Is this better than Acronis? I have Acronis at the moment

Acronis True Image makes images of your computer. This means, in case your HDD fails, you can restore everything.

With Time Machine, it is for if your files get infected (or somehow removed), you can restore it all in a few minutes. But if your hard drive crashes and all is lost…it can’t help.

If you want something like Acronis True Image, try Comodo Backup.

System Recovery and System Backup

are two very different functions that sound similar.


Thanks for the info 3xist. :smiley:

Another way to say it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Any information on whether the bug that caused the system to be corrupted upon uninstalling the program has been fixed. I experienced this just before the final version came out:

I would like confirmation that this problem does not still exist.

After just using AyRecovery for the past year I want you to know how much I appreciate this! Thank you so much Comodo!

If I choose to protect 2 volumes, can I later just roll back my system volume or will both volumes need to be rolled back together?




Does CTM work with Linux partitions yet? My setup consists of XOSL (boot loader in MBR) with Windows XP on 1st partition and Kubuntu on 2nd.