Comodo Mobile Security on Android V1.2.17725.3 with Anti-theft is released.

I played a little with CMS and I wanted to see what it does.

  • I saw Naren asking if it’s possible to hide the Anti-Theft. I don’t know if it’s really necessary because Anti-Theft is protected by a password. So I suppose a thief can’t deactivate it unless he knows the password (or if he is an expert).
    But he may try to uninstall CMS so I tried to do so through the Software Manager and it works really good, CMS is uninstalled … I suppose the Anti-Theft was uninstalled too …

Is it possible to have Anti-Theft protecting itself from uninstall ?

Can we protect CMS or the Anti-Theft feature with App Protector ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi !

I registered on the forum tonight to submit one suggestion :slight_smile:

This Anti-Theft system is really wonderful but it would be possible to add an option to allow the phone to send the information to a (personal) mail address and keep the phone number of a friend as an option ?
Thus it would be possible to act immediately without waiting for the friend receives the text message containing the precious information.

It’s just a suggestion to allow to act more quickly in case of theft :slight_smile:

Thanks for all, Comodo’s Team (I also use your free “Internet Security” and it’s really really usefull ^^)

See you soon !

Grosbébé is right… anti theft must be protected from being uninstalled… something like app disguiser, stealth mode, self protection in avast! anti theft must come in CMS…

I also agree.

Hiding the app might be the best way to go. Can’t Uninstalled what isn’t there (perceived)


trying to install with the .apk in LG GT540 with android 2.1 and i cant.

message: can’t verify the module

Requires Android:
2.2 and up

Down the right side of the page it will tell you the info about the app (or top left should say if it is compatible “This app is compatible with your…”).

ho ok right, i don’t see it before.

possible to do it for 2.1 in a next version?

EXCELLENT PRODUCT MELIH AND COMODO TEAM! And for free! Thank you, thank you very much.
COMODO ROCKS! :rocks: O0


  1. CMS should be protected against uninstalls through Manage Applications.
  2. If device is off, CMS should turn on the device to process the Anti Theft messages (lock, locate, alarm, and wipe). So far, if the device is off (which probably would be the first thing that thiefs will do), the Anti Theft messages will work only after the device is turned on.
  3. CMS should be able to save a 5% to 10% of the battery, so CMS is able to process the Anti Theft messages even when battery runs out.
  4. The ALARM message should be processed with the highest sound alert level, because right now it seems to be using around 50% of the device sound capacity.

unlike avast, cms should be able to hide the anti theft along with the rest of the security suite. that way the thief has no clue of security software being on the device. anti theft is going to get more popular on smart phones so it needs to be able to be as invisible as possible so the user has flexibility in how known they want it to be to thieves that their phone is missing. also the user should be able to make it look like the phone has an error when trying to unlock the phone. also does cms send back location info of the phone like avast? if not then it needs to do so. also add hiding apps, pics, vids and anything else that would make sense. if you add hiding pics and vids, also hide the thumbnails for them from being seen incase someone uses a file viewer. or even better just hide the files from file viewer programs all together so that files hidden by cms can only be seen within cms even if they try finding hidden files by hooking the phone up to a computer

make a way for cms to record video from whatever cameras are on the phone or at least audio when the phone is lost or stolen and be able to have the recordings sent through text or online through email or some kind of cms antitheft site where you can monitor your lost phone. prevent phone shut off if the user chooses not to lockdown the phone. if the user locks the phone have a way so even though it’s locked, the user can still contact whoever has the phone via text or call by having the user texting the password to the lost phone and then the comand call or text to whitelist the phone being used to monitor the lost phone so that the lost phone can only comunucate with the phone being used to monitor the lost phone.

why is cms called comodo AntiVirus on the market instead of comodo mobile security

Because Anti-Virus probably gets more searches then Mobile Security. That probably why.

great to hear improvements i know you guys really work hard for this… thanks

please improve it more with more features

Good day!

Tell me when will the Russian language in CMS?

Thank you!



Please read here :

I have downloaded and installed this yesterday and liked it as I like it in my laptop.
I can see the Anti-theft activation needs a SIM card. Does it mean that CDMA users need to depend upon the provider? Is there a way to include CDMA users also?

Hello Partha_ban,

It seems comodo guys are known this issue and maybe fix it in next release :slight_smile: