Comodo Mobile Security on Android V1.2.17725.3 with Anti-theft is released.

Hi, everyone,

It gives our great pleasure to announce that Comodo Mobile Security on Android (CMS) V1.2.17725.3 is released on forum and will be launched to Android Market soon. In this version, we added Anti-Theft feature and made some improvement & bug fixed.

What’s NEW?

Anti-theft feature is added in this version, which allows you to locate, lock or wipe the device quickly and easily if it’s lost or stolen.

  • Remote Locate: sends the Google map location of the missing phone to another phone;
  • SIM Change Alerts: sends a text message to buddy number if the SIM card is replaced;
  • Sound An Alarm: emits an alarm at full volume even if the missing device is in silent mode;
  • Remote Device Lock: password protects at the home screen;
  • Remote Device Wipe: erases all contacts, call history, stored messages on your missing phone, pictures, video, music and any files on your SD card.

What’s improved?

  • Enhanced the virus data base to cover latest malware;
  • Fixed the crash of downloading apps from android market;
  • Fixed private space bugs on handling a large number of private calls;
  • Optimized the private SMSs and Call records import and export mechanism;
  • Optimized the password reset question and answer mechanism, where empty answer is treated to be invalided.

We sincerely hope that all of you can continuously support our CMS on Android Market!

Product/download webpage:

size: 1.82 MB (1,913,349 bytes)
md5: ddc9312892d5ced420f4fd17ca9691b8
sha1: 741bd247aec21f970128ec9b225eae4d6a96cb0c

Warmest regards,


Finally CMS has Anti-theft, now it is complete.
Try it now…

Thanks for the update :-TU. Installed and running fine.


What would be the update process if we already have the previous version?
I cannot find in my android any update option for CMS. :embarassed:

The update process is either one waits for this version to be placed on Google Market and update through it.
One downloads from the above link and installs that file.

Hi, Guys, after the verison is formally released to Android Market (It will soon be releasd to Android Market), the auto update will work. For now, please downlond the app from

Sorry for the inconvenience.

:P0l :P0l WOW, the new Anti-theft feature is cool! I like the Demo and the strong functions, thx COMODO!

Wow i tried the demo to locate me… man its very good and did not even fire off GPS. cool ;D

No Beta, Direct Release? Hope this is tested & working properly & no major probs?

Are the CMS website & help file updated?

Can anyone post the screenshots of the new features?

Hi, Naren, this version has been tested and it works properly.
We will update the website and release it to Android Market soon.

I know releasing on Android Market takes little time.

But atleast update the website with new version & help files so that the users know the new version, new features & how they works?

Can you post screen shots plzz?

Thank you very much for your suggestions. We are working on them.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Here are the screenshots.

Remote locate

SIM change alerts

sound an alarm

Remote Device Lock

Remote Device Wipe


Thanxx for the screenshots.

Installed the update. Great work guys.

Suggestion: how about adding remote (sms) camera?
Also. add send GPS and pics from rear camera if password is entered wrong after x number of attempts (user selects the value)?

Hi, John, thank you for your interest. We will take it into consideration.

excellent work guys! I know you have been working very ■■■■■■■ this! Congrats!!!

Please everyone, keep telling us what you want in this product so that we can build it for you!



is this the trial or free version?

this is a free product

good work… :-TU

downloaded, copied to phone and installed without deinstallation of previous version… 8)

grats to the team of comodo… you made a great job… :wink:

So does it survive restore factory settings?

How is antitheft implemented? I mean hidden after activation?

And to install now should I download it by opening the forum in the cell browser & download & install normally like double click on the downloaded file? Should I uninstall the previous version or upgrade over it?

Will this version be there in the Android Market or you guys have found any bug & an updated version will be there in the Market? If the later I will wait for the Market?