Comodo Mobile Security on Android V1.2.17725.3 with Anti-theft is released.

Hi, Naren, regarding your questions:

(1) do you mean if CMS will survive after the phone is restored to factory settings? No, it cannot survive.
(2) The anti-theft allows users to use text messages to remotely locate, lock, wipe the missing phone.
(3) Yes, please download the apk from the link and install it by double click. You can either uninstall the old one and then install this version, or you can install this version over the old one. However, if you want to uninstall the old one, please make sure you export all the block/private sms or call records to the system, otherwise you may lose them. So it is recommend to just install over the old version so that all the CMS data is safe.
(4) This version with some tiny changes will be released to Android Market soon. It does not mean this version has been found any bug, it is just because we need to add some more contents before it is released to the Market.

Thank you very much.

So If I install this version now, will I get an autoupdate/upgrade for those tiny changes?

And I think a feature like sending message displaying reward for returning the lost phone would be good.

yea, you will definitely get the autoupdate.

:), this idea is cool. We will think about it.

The thing is the owner can just send a text message to the phone about this reward thing?
What do you think?
or will it be better to display a customized message (about reward) on the lock screen?

Thank you very much.

If the owner sends the message, he may mention the reward, may be amount.

The customize message can display the amount the owner wants?

->The customize message can display the amount the owner wants?
:slight_smile: I mean if we want, we can design it this way.

I understood that.

What you think would be the best?

Implement the best you think the users would like most.

:slight_smile: Thank you. We will think abou it.

The user should type in what message to display on the locked screen. The message should never be hard coded in.

Concerning hidden as mentioned earlier. There should be an option to hide this app with the ability to unhide it nothing locally and via sms.

Also. Any sms commands issued to the phone should be where the responses are sent back to.


Congratulations to the CMS team (:CLP)

I try to auto update but it says I have the latest version which it says is 1.1.1. When will I get the auto update? Or can I install over top of this version?

Yes, you can install over the top (manually or via market). Currently, CMS is not available in the market yet but should be very soon.


You can install over the older version yes.
The latest has not been placed on the Market yet so updating through it won’t work.

Got it :smiley:

On the Android Market (now Google Play Store), it says that the new version isn’t compatible with any device of mine.

[i]This app is incompatible with all of your devices.

Samsung Galaxy 3
This item cannot be installed on your device.

Samsung Nexus S
This item cannot be installed on your device.[/i]


Also not compatible with HTC Desire. :frowning: Version 1.1 is compatible and works fine.

1.2 is compatible and installed (through Market) now. :slight_smile:

Hi, ekerazha, does it work for you now?
May I know the system version of your phone?
Thank you very much.

It does work now.

However… Android 2.2 on the first phone and Android 4.0.3 on the second phone.

Anti theft is what I was waiting for.I’ll give CMS a try when I have some time.
Thank you very much for your work.

Done :smiley: