Comodo Internet Security v10.0.1.6250 RC

Hi All,

With respect to advisory issued here, following are online release candidate versions of Comodo Internet Security, Comodo Antivirus and Comodo Firewall setups available on test server that fix incompatibility with Microsoft Windows update KB4022716 (OS Build 15063.447) for Windows 10 users.

Together with these, you will also have like CCAV, RC version (v87) of Internet Security Essentials installed.
Also you will have fixed version of Secure Shopping(v1.1.421512.98) installed.

Please use following steps to test via test server:

Testing Scenario - A: Fresh Installation

Step - 1A: Ensure you have Windows 10 with latest KB4022716 (OS Build 15063.447) or you can update to it after installing this release candidate.

Step - 2A: Have following entries in hosts (c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts) file that will allow to use Beta server to test release candidate:

Step - 3A: Download and install following latest versions of setup:

Comodo Internet Security Premium
Size: 5.2M ( 5364616 )
MD5: 633dfeab083a65004f5ef7dbc5455618
SHA1: ac0438587e2350b783d18fde16c55bb06cbbbd3a

Comodo Antivirus
Size: 5.2M ( 5364616 )
MD5: 38d5881b37fa1092b6e7cb57a796d427
SHA1: 1f5b9af87993b4948e792ee0894b7884c6bc3373

Comodo Firewall
Size: 5.2M ( 5364616 )
MD5: f30db925a1ea0d5da6997e57fa9e8950
SHA1: 6c343cb04350a73a3dd0997c19d72715bf7e0c9a

Testing Scenario - B: Update

Step - 1B:
Ensure you have Windows 10 version prior to KB4022716 (OS Build 15063.447) and also you also have CIS production version 6246 or 6223.

Step - 2B: Have following entries in hosts (c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts) file that will allow to use Beta server to test release candidate:

Step - 3B: From CIS interface run Update.

Step - 4B:
After you have ensured you have now v6250, update Windows to latest KB4022716 (OS Build 15063.447).

Areas to check:

Please report if you still see any issue.

If all goes well, we intend to make updates available by 5th Jul, 2017.

Any feedback is highly appreciated.


<<<Edit: umesh: 30-Jun-2017: Added Update steps also>>>

Getting a 404 not found

Please ensure you have following host entries:

Thanks, that solved it. I thought the hosts entry was for the installer

These are online installers and all related files are also on test server.

Updated and working fine so far.

Not that I was affected by any problems after updating W10, but better safe than sorry.

Windows 10 latest update works fine with Comodo Internet Security v10.0.1.6250 RC
The problems i had with .6246 and windows 10 is gone.

all the 4 browsers works fine. (Note: im using Comodo Dragon instead of chrome)

Comodo Internet Security v10.0.1.6250 RC
Internet Security Essentials v1.2.421501.88
Comodo Secure Shopping v1.1.421512.98
Windows 10 Version 1703 (OS-Version 15063.447)

“Safe shopping” you have installed?
If not, install and try to restart the PC, what will happen?

@megaherz33: It’s called Secure Shopping, look at what you just quoted :wink:

Oops, was not attentive

I added the lines to my hosts, rebooted etc, but my Internet Security Premium does not find any updates when i try…
Is there something ive missed?

you need to modify hosts, then download the installer from the links provided.

All browsers are working correctly without the need to add shellcode exclusions, and no more application crashes in general. Login process is fine.

Scenario - B: Update: FAIL

The end result was that Internet Explorer 11 would not connect to MANY but not ALL sites that started with HTTPS://
Any site that did not start with https:// connected fine. No crashes. Chromium did not exibit any issues connecting to ANY site and did not crash. Clearly was able to log into Windows 10 just fine. However, as IE11 is my primiry browser, I had to restore my system to an image I had prior to installing the BETA and prior to updating to the new KB4022716 (OS Build 15063.447).

NOTE: Microsoft has now pulled KB4022716 (OS Build 15063.447) from Windows Update.

It would seem as if perhaps there is now no need to disable or pause Windows Update?

Scenario - B: Update: FAIL

The end result was the same as Scenario A:
A lot of wasted time trying to test this. Going back to restore my reliable working system image.

  • Can we get the normal CIS update after installing this RC version through the updater when it comes out?

  • can i remove the entries in hosts after installing this RC or is it necessary for the program to work after installing

Mine seems to work fine after removing the host entries. However, there is a recognizer update error happening whether or not the hosts file has those entries. I have no idea what that’s about.

My results when testing this RC:

Both Network - Lan and Wifi Connection tested. Win 10 with issue security update already installed.

On installation: yahoo browser modification - hangs 12% for a minute but rest pretty quick. Subsequent download updates, install and scan took 9:41.

Full CIS package installed. On reboot - No issues logging in. Notification from Geek Buddy (GB) indicated - Svchost.exe_USerdatasvc has crashed.

FF Launch - No Issue.

FF Secure page - svchost.exe_Pimindexmaintenance has crashed but still loads.

Edge Launch - svchost.exe_Pimindexmaintenance has crashed but still loads.

Edge Secure page - svchost.exe_Pimindexmaintenance has crashed but still loads.

Dragon - Lauch - No issue

Secure page - No issue

Chrome - launch - no issue

Secure page - No issue

Opera - Launch - No Issue

Secure page - No issue

IE 11 - Svchost.exe_USerdatasvc has crashed

  • Restarted machine: no issue initially. Re-tested browsers:

Launch IE 11 initially ok then dllhost.exe has crashed and svchost.exe_Pimindexmaintenance has crashed but still loads.

Same results as prior for FF, Opera, Chrome, Dragon. Edge not experienced previous results but may have been result of just reloading applications.

In summary - Experiencing the following system issues:

Svchost.exe_USerdatasvc has crashed (On bootup and IE11 launch)
svchost.exe_Pimindexmaintenance has crashed (Specifically when accessing secure pages)
dllhost.exe has crashed (in connection with IE11 or system)

No other issues so far. Testing CCAV and CISE next.


P.S. Clicking links in browser pages to new tab also reproduce Geek Buddy (GB) indicated - Svchost.exe_USerdatasvc has crashed notification

They may of pulled it from auto update but Microsoft®Update Catalog has it still up.

Some additional info on my beta test. Restart after removing everything apart from GB I still got host crash notifications so it’s quite possible GB is also an issue with the update. I didn’t notice any problems in browsing etc just got shown notifications on pages so it might be worth testing GB as well to see if it’s also a culprit.


Am I right in thinking that now the KB4022716 is not part of MS auto updates, that I can just re-enable windows updates and forget all about this please?