Comodo Internet Security v10.0.1.6250 RC

Yeah you can re-enable windows update again as MS has pulled KB4022716 from windows update.

Hi Eric,

Could you please share the dump files with us? Thank you in advance!

Why have they done that?

Or do i have to go back to to get regular program updates?

The 6250RC build is working well for me on my Windows 10 15063.447 build systems. Good work guys!

I did a fresh install after testing the RC but I did save some of the system event log entries. I’ll attach them to a reply post when i get home this evening.



Attached is actually the CCAV log but the same events happened with the CIS RC. These are just a small handful of what alerts happened at startup. Sorry I didn’t retain all the entries.

Thanks for your help!

Edited host file and flushed dns but CIS v6246 will not update to v6250

While I did not get a particular crash(checked event log too) I did get an issue after hours of use that browsers Firefox and IE would fail to launch, hanging in the task manager with 0% CPU and no activity. Edge worked though. Don’t know repro but the PC was left locked for hours. Logoff and re-logon did not fix it. Had to restart machine. OS is Win10 Creators Update x64. The beta did at least fix Edge failing to start and crashing seconds after launch.

Will the 4250 RC be updated to the new final version or should it be reinstalled?

Just updated to v6250 from v6246 using beta server in ‘update host settings’

Hi Dustyn,
The https issue you observed was due to Internet Security Essentials. We had same problem with CCAV.

Please check out following RC version of ISE that can be tested together with CCAV:;msg862263#msg862263



My 2 cents.

I was experiencing all of this after I upgraded to Windows 10 15063.447 and latest patches KB4022716 and I noticed something was wrong when the following browsers were crashing.

  1. IE8 - Crash after loading for a few seconds.
  2. IE11 - Crash after loading for a few seconds.
  3. Tor - 7.0.2 Will not load at all.

Browsers not affected.

  1. Firefox x64 Beta 55.0b6 - work fine
  2. Firefox Nightly 56.0a1 x64 - work fine

I followed instructions but I uninstalled Comodo Free Internet Security but I still did find files were left behind

After reinstalling the new set file version

Comodo Internet Security Premium
Size: 5.2M ( 5364616 )
MD5: 633dfeab083a65004f5ef7dbc5455618
SHA1: ac0438587e2350b783d18fde16c55bb06cbbbd3a

I found these 2 files were still present and still the old version so as a test I renamed them to something else then uninstall and re install again then I saw 2 files get replaced with new versions, I tested the browsers that were crashing on me and all is fine again.

Today however I now do not ses these 2 files anymore why are they not there have Comodo deleted these 2 files as part of a daily update ?

When is the new version coming out that will be publically available without the need of DNS config to Beta server.



Final build is in QA. We could expect today if all goes fine.

Going forward these files are removed.


Thanks for a quick reply.

I guess these 2 files are causing trouble with many versions

If going forward without them is good will Comodo still investigate internally what code in these files is causing the conflicts regardless they announce to the public or not what it was for their own benefit if to delete them is a work around but given how many people use the software and timescales.

I forgot to mention that in Win10 Egde was crashing on me and on a test I simply renamed these 2 files and all browsers were working without upgrading to ISP

Thanks again.

There are many changes to fix incompatibility.
Those DLLs are no longer needed as code has been re-factored.

Apart from browser crashes, we also had issue where user could not login.


How is that possible if I had uninstalled ISE when it was first released? Plus I saw no evidence it was installed with the RC build? Am I mistaken that it was silently installed again without my knowledge?

ISE is installed together with CIS and CCAV by default right now. So RC version would also have got it.

Okay, may I ask another question?

When ISE was initially installed with CIS “versions” ago, I saw it running as a system tray icon. It was not there when I installed CIS RC .6250. And it wasn’t hidden as I have Windows 10 to display ALL system tray icons and have disabled the “hide unused icons” feature. Has ISE now changed in the way it installs and displays on the system? Is there no more system tray icon for ISE?

One last thing, as others have mentioned and I’m sure you’re aware… This “feature” that is causing all sorts of problems with Windows 10 really needs to be listed as an “optional” component during installation of CIS. Or if it must be installed with CIS, it really should be fully integrated into CIS where a user can access it and easily disable it “WITHIN” the CIS user interface should problems arise. Not through another COMODO program GUI. I think this would look more professional if it’s fully integrated.