COMODO Internet Security HIGH CPU usage 2023

Thank you for this information. I’m not new here

Not having file rating might be a cause but I’ve not run CF as barebones as you have. They have been fixing issues with the latest Beta though I can’t see that CPU has been addressed. In Win 11 I’ve had to create TCP Port 443 HTTPS rules or add it to the predefined port sets as default is only UDP 443 HTTP and I was getting hundreds of firewall blocking logs every day. Other rules had to be created for IPv6 filtering etc for me to have less firewall log spam. You might see what’s in your logs when you’ve had those spikes.

You can, of course, use another product if your after such a simple solution in the meantime. I’ve used Windows Firewall Control by Binsoft / Malwarebytes for Windows Firewall integrated blocking but CF does what it does best in default settings.

Main reason I’m using Comodo is that it alerts not only about incoming connections, but also about outgoing. All suspicious software or software that “calls home” uses outgoing connection first, so it’s my main activity monitor.

No, I don’t have high activity. My firewall rules are ok, everything works fine. Unless it stops - and then you can wait as long as you want, and that 8%, 50% etc. stays forever, like cmdagent.exe was frozen for some reason. I guess it’s just software bug, freezing bug, some infinite loop this process enters and cannot exit. While it happens, nothing is sending or receiving and I still feel that my computer works slower because of that cpu usage all the time. I may kill every process one by one and nothing helps. And, of course, Comodo protects his process so much that is impossible to even try to restart it.

I just want to know why is this such a big problem for many years?

Three things:

  1. Where is only firewall beta installator (without AV module)?
  2. I was kidding about you’re new on this forum. It was about how many times people complain about it and yet - you’re asking for something that probably lot of people before me provides. As I see - it’s pointless. If these screenshots were useful, the problem would be solved long time ago.
  3. I highly doubt that any Comodo programmer cares about what is going on here or what people complain about. It’s just useless to provide any informations if there is ZERO chances that any SOFTWARE BUG will be fixed that way.

WFC blocks both incomign and outgoing.

Is there anything in the windows event logs?

A lot of things haven’t been updated in years though projects like Comodo Dragon has been consistently updated. CIS/CF .8012 still works flawlessly against even the latest ransomeware and viruses, particularly when tweaked and I don’t have issues with it in WIn11.

You have the option to install either Firewall or Antivirus or both in the Beta installer. Current beta does leave behind some remnants which the devs are looking into.

I’ve seen it mentioned numerous times but everyone’s setup is different. If your using Windows 11 CF isn’t officially supported for it, if your using Win 7 you need to have the SP1 & 2 installed, system hardening applications can conflict with CF.

We all hope for some improvements and I’m glad to see we’ve had a couple of Betas but if your that frustrated, try out other products, there are plenty out there but unless people continue to provide information the better @C.O.M.O.D.O_RT @ilgaz and devs can identify it. They fixed a handful of things in the betas so far so it could be something that is in the beta roadmap.

There’s probably something triggering the high CPU but only by looking at CF and windows logs can it be narrowed down to what the cause is.


  1. (points are important, because I want answer to every thing I mention in my post, not skip some important informations) - why for so many years people complain about the same problem again and again? If it depends on some specific Windows settings, then Comodo should fix it years ago. Still people reports high cpu usage of cmdagent.exe and you’re trying to find problem on my computer, like it was some single case, not seen or reported before. Wrong.

  2. For all that years - are people sending their Windows logs and sharing lot of data? I think yes. So why problem is still not solved for over 10 years? I want to know WHAT CAUSES the problem (from programmer) and when it was fixed. It’s not user’s task to fix Comodo code.

  3. Where is that beta installer? And if I choose to install just firewall, I will have ONLY firewall installed, or whole Internet Security but with disabled/not installed AV? I don’t want to be constantly nagging about “you’re in risk” mark because I have no AV installed. I want ONLY firewall.

  4. Again, I can repeat this again and again - WHAT HAPPENS with all other reports about cmdagent.exe CPU usage? Why I should provide any data if problem is not new? I just asking about final solution after MANY YEARS (which I proved by searching for this problem on internet and check dates).

underlying Microsoft code doesn’t stay the same last 10 years, it changes and changes a lot!

  1. Fine. There have been lots of posts about High CPU usage all varying in which components users have enabled. Some provided detailed information and others haven’t.

  2. As @Melih Melih has indicated, Windows coding has changed all the time. CF/CIS whitelists Microsoft’s system files but has you aren’t using File Rating, it’s possible your firewall rules are to strict for system processes or something else. You haven’t provided any information to which OS your using.

  3. Yes, if you only to choose to install the Firewall then only that part will be installed, It’d be worth giving it a try since it’s the only version Windows 11 compatible.

  4. The Devs assist where possible but 10 years ago 8.1 was released and the current beta doesn’t support it. I found no issues with CF/CIS when using Windows 10 but developers have tried to assist in the users in all this time and CIS/CF has come a long way since 8.2. What version are you using? Did version 12.2.7062 resolve your issue when you initially posted about high cpu in 2020?

We await either further information from you. If the Beta doesn’t resolve the issue, please post in the Beta topic so the Devs can pick it up.

My version is - I reverted to that version since update (using Comodo update) causes much more frequent freezes.

I was not asking about “do I must install AV module”. I was asking if I install ONLY firewall, it will be only firewall or Comodo Internet Security without installed AV? It’s big difference.

For now my window looks like that (I like this classic skin). As you see - no “AV missing”, no" At Risk" etc. No space for installing AV module. On the left you can see only Auto-Containment, HIPS and VirusScope, no AV section (even not installed).

I know that there was two type of Comodo Installers - one with name “cmd_fw_installer…” and one with name “cis…” as prefix.

From this site: Free Firewall | Best Comodo Firewall Software Download 2022 you’ll download Comodo Internet Security, no matter if you want only firewall.
From this site: - you can download firewall only, without AV module (and without AV module selection too).

I installed once that Security without Firewall and it was not what I wanted. It contains showing me info that I am not fully protected and that AV module is not installed. Firewall (only) do not do that.

So - again - since you don’t use only firewall - are you absolutely sure that this beta, when I do not select AV module, will install me ONLY firewall WITHOUT option to install AV later etc?

Thank you for the additional information. I’m in between testing installs so I will install it at my end as firewall only when I get a minute.

High CPU is no 40 on the 2021 Current Bugs list: but they are checking and working through these as they release the Betas. High CPU hasn’t so far been mentioned in the Beta Release topics.

But is again and again repeating bug reported so many times. That means nobody yet find real cause what is wrong with cmdagent.exe and high CPU usage. All workarounds may work from time to time, but it’s like in case all bad coding - it will work sometimes, but sooner or later bug will reveal itself. Testing in short period of time in perfect conditions (few programs installed, default system settings) is never good.

As in this post: Devs have asked users to install a performance log tool to determine the cause of the RAM or CPU usage.

I’m not a Dev or Comodo Staff, I’m just a volunteer moderator and long time Comodo user, here to help out where I can. It’s late here but off work this week so should have time to install CF Beta.

The Beta Installs the whole CIS but only the CF activated. You have to manually disable everything else including miscellaneous and web filtering, hips etc

Didn’t see any CPU spikes in initial test and as I’m not a fan of the new UI, switched back to Lycia Theme but still light on the system.

I have some other programs I’m looking at but thought I’d run a very quick test for you.

Ok, today I had over 90% of CPU after whole day of working.
By “working” I mean A LOT - lot of programs running, lot of internet connection, heavy stuff whole day.
And I decided to kill everything that may cause this problem.
NOTHING - I kill basically everything includin explorer (so my desktop disappear) - still cmdagent.exe was at 90% and higher and only PC restart helps. What a $#!#^!

Believe me if I tell you that it’s programmer’s fault. Too many THE SAME or similar reports over YEARS. Comodo just doesn’t care so much - and because most of people do not complain (or knows that it’s pointless because they may end in endless forum discussion about “everything works fine, please try…”) this problem probably will stay as long as someone find big leak/bug in code and write article that CIS is dangerous. That may wake up some cprogrammer.

And I know how CIS installation works - I prefer just Firewall, not whole CIS. Without AV module installed it constantly show that computer is not protected etc. With only firewall it shows that all is ok.

And more important - it’s also matter of speed - CIS is handling every file (no matter if AV is enabled or not). Firewall just monitors internet connection since it has no AV module.

Oh, nevermind, It will be endless discussion. I know that when I’m doing almost nothing on my computer, it can runs for days without that problem. But usually my computer is heavily used. And then cmdagent.exe becomes crazy.

Hi uzz,

Sorry for the inconvenience.
As we are not supporting old cis version.
Could you please check with the latest cis beta or CIS free version ? Refer the below link.


Oh, really?

If you read what I wrote, you would know that I installed this new version (I compared my files to yours - I keep my downloaded files just in case) and THEN I REVERT to my older one, because this new one causes MUCH MORE FREQUENT problem with cmdagent.exe and I must restart my computer twice a day.

Also - you can’t just paste links to new version and have hope that version number changes anything unless you’re sure that this particular problem was adressed in this version. And apparently not.

Thank you for your generic answer though.

Hi uzz,

Sorry for the trouble.
Could you please provide us the screenshot of cmdagent.exe/CIS.exe causes high cpu usage with the CIS version ?


No, I could not. I do not want to install again worse version.
Read whole topic and lot of other topics - as I said, lot of people had this problem for years, so probably you already have dozens of screenshots.
Or just imagine - task manager with 90% CPU on cmdagent.exe. All task managers looks similar, so…

I described everything very clear, you don’t need to look at pictures to undersand (I hope) even if my english isn’t as good as I want it to be (not my native language)…

Please, just once, focus on fixing bug in code, not on looking what may be wrong on user’s side. Unless you think Comodo code is 100% bug free and people who complain about freezing cmdagent for years are just joking.

I provided links, lot of informations, but still don’t get any serious answers - is any programmer ever trying to find cause of this? If yes - what he discovers? What he fixed? When?
You see - I also have lot of questions. I just want to be sure that someone actually works on this, not waiting until someone provide ready solution with 500% proof and slideshow.

For now my cmdagent.exe is working ok and it’s most of the time, so it’s not really easy to reproduce this bug on user’s side. I can’t. But clever programmer should be able to find a bug.

EDIT: You know, acutally I could install this version, because I am not 100% sure that my Comodo updated itself to I uninstall my old first and try to install this new one. I just want to be sure if it wouldn’t be waste of my time - do you have any info that between and this issue was fixed. Any changelog like “fixing problem with cmdagent.exe high CPU usage”? Because changing number version itself is not magical solution for all problems.

Release notes page: Release Notes though more things were fixed that weren’t listed. 8012 is the current stable version has has been for some time and resolved a number of issues. It’s worth trying that version so @C.O.M.O.D.O_RT can assist.

Last info about cmdagent is “Defect where ‘Cmdagent.exe’ consumes 40-50 % CPU constantly in some cases.” from version
Well, not fixed enough I guess.
I’ll try later that great new version. Preferred after I get info that the proble was fixed.

And I must restart again…

Nothing is downloading or uploading right now, no tool can show anything, procmon do not show any activity and yet - it uses data in his internal loop.

EDIT 2: I installed version after completely uninstall old version, removing leftovers and all Comodo registry keys and basically everything. So it’s firewall “clean” install. We will see how long until cmdagent.exe jumps over xx%.

HI uzz,

Thanks for sharing the information.
Kindly check with CFW v12.2.2.8012 and let us know your cmdagent.exe consumes cpu status .
However we will check this issue with the latest CIS beta and update you.


As I said - I already installed Firewall v12.2.2.8012. Look at “EDIT2” in my post (at the end).