COMODO Internet Security 5.8.202876.2065 BETA Released

Thanks for the new beta…I am currently downloading it…

By the way, the link still says version .2064, is it .2064 or .2065 ?

Can you please change the version number in the title of this post to new version… (it can avoid confusion)

Done :slight_smile:

;D ;D ;D

I added a bit to your contribution. :slight_smile:

I just updated and it only took one try. They must have it worked out now. :wink:

Just received an aV database update it was very large… i am updated to the latest beta and it froze at 90% my computer froze up so bad i had to shut everything down anyone else have this problem?

Wow congrats team with yet a great release , I really liked the installation percentage graphic when running the installer!!! + 1.000.000 points!!! On the other hand I have noticed some translation bugs in the dutch version , when configuring the scan options , so I have attached a screenshot…I cant wait for the final release :wink:

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I too just now received an update. It was just 2MB & updated fine.


Sorry I misunderstood. The updates are in parts. Like 2MB, 2.01MB & so. Its updating now. Will post after the update.

The database update started for me too now… :slight_smile:

Sadly, it is talking too long and it has already downloaded more than 60 MB, just not even in 40% progress…

There are so many 2 MB files…

In CCE usually there is a big % in my case 50% or 40% which is for the download process and the rest is dedicated to “install” the definitions donwloaded.

Is this the new reduced AV database huh? Initial 78MB + now 60MB & downloading…

Previously it was app. 134 MB & now its app 150MB & more. So they have reduced or increased the database?

My god, this time my monthly internet package will expire in 15 days coz of CIS.


I has to uninstall the beta the Av was not updating properly… and kept getting stuck at 90%… i waited hours for it to install and no luck.

Its updating too slow. Mine has reached 40% at the time of posting this. Lets see what happens here.


Should I stop this ? Some one please tell me…

It is downloading endlessly… so many 2 MB files…

Yes it is downloading but the AV signatures there are also increasing in numbers so let it download & see what happens. I am too letting it download.

By the way legally can I ask for refund from Comodo? They have exploited my internet package with this beta.


How much did you pay them to test this beta ? :wink: , confirm this and then you can ask for refund… ;D

It is finalizing now from a long time & the system has become too slow. While sending this post too I got a message from Comodo Dragon that this page has become unresponsive wait or kill.

My internet package prior to this AV database download was at app. 5591MB
After download it is showing app. 5723MB

So this is app. 135MB download.


Here it is, it has downloaded 120 MB so far at 43%

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I sincerely hope you aren’t being serious with this comment… 88)

The beta is completely voluntary. If you can not deal with any inconveniences that running a product that hasn’t been fully tested can bring, then I suggest avoiding the beta! :-X

So the illegal action will be better. Any you would like to mention that I should take? You will get your share.