COMODO Internet Security 5.8.202876.2065 BETA Released

Hello Everyone,

Here is the second BETA of CIS 5.8.

What’s new in 5.8.202801.2064?

NEW! Antivirus base size has been reduced drastically: This affects CIS performance and resource consumption as well
NEW! HIPS now has further improvements on 64 bit operating systems
NEW! Simple installer with 1-click installation experience
IMPROVED! Look and feel of the icons so that it is easier on the eyes
IMPROVED! CAV “Clean” button no longer deletes files but quarantines instead
FIXED! Firewall does not filter bluetooth adapters: pls reinstal CIS to see the effects
FIXED! Summary shows wrong menus whenclicked on state links

Known Issues:
This BETA still has problems in non-english languages.

What needs to be tested?

The most important features of this BETA are related to HIPS and AV. So the most valuable bugs are the REPRODUCIBLE bugs which are related to system stability issues, compatibility issues, and crashes.

You are more than welcome to test all other features as well.

Bug Reports

Please use to report bugs.

Download Location:
Size: 57,5 MB (60 390 536 bytes)

If you have the previos BETA installed, you can use automatic updater to update. Please do this as we would appreciate if you tested updates as well.

What’s new in 5.8.202876.2065?
FIXED! CIS doesn’t close handles as expected which could cause stability and performance issues

The update can be retrieved using the program updater. Also the installer binary has been updated to 2065.

Thanxx for the new beta.
AND VERY THANXX for listening the users & granting the wish
IMPROVED! CAV “Clean” button no longer deletes files but quarantines instead - I so wanted this option.

Congrats on the new beta frds.

Downloading & Installing on the production machine. Hope all goes well.


This installer is app 60MB so guess its 32/64 both.

By the way whats the new reduced AV database size.

the download link contains both 32 bit and 64 bit installers?

Just updated through the internal updater and everything went smoothly. The only thing I noticed is that a Weekly Scan was added to my configurations. I just deleted it, no big deal except, this has been a problem for a while. I like the addition of a couple of themes. I’m using the Black Normal theme now. Kudos Guys! :-TU

New installer is very, very good.
Great work :-TU

Right now, I’ve got: 97,005,452 bytes with DB 9768

Win 7 x64

Update went through smooth.
Normally I always fresh install new builds, but since you asked. :-TU


Installed on production machine on XP SP3. Working Fine.

Few Questions.

Internet Security Config.

  1. FW - Dont Give Alerts - Allow - This allows only Outgoing or Incoming too.

The new installer is good but I guess little prob for average users. I installed with customization. I guess the default installations installs whatever is ticked in the custom installation. So I think few changes required.

  1. In default installation DNS should be unchecked i.e shouldn’t be changed. (Many average users will not know if their internet not works with DNS due to some reasons)


“1. In default installation DNS should be unchecked i.e shouldn’t be changed. (Many average users will not know if their internet not works with DNS due to some reasons)”

I cannot agree.

DNS causes problems very rare, they give you more protection.


Seems like 5.8 final is not too far…

I don’t understand, I’m stuck at 9712, can not update any more!?

I installed using the updater as requested. The updater now logs each module that is being downloaded. See image.

The AV database size is not 97 MB. I wasn’t watching the update process. Can anybody tell me if the updater downloaded the new database or did it convert the old one?

First impression is that the icons have more presence.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I did a fresh install because I hadn’t actually installed the public beta, and the mod preview version didn’t show an update. The initial bases.cav download was only 78MB. After updates, it’s sitting at 94MB for me, however it’s not updating past DB9712, and apparently L.A.R. Grizzly has 9768, so perhaps there is indeed a difference between clean install and update. Which database do you have?

i did a fresh install aswell and im stuck at DB9712

re-installed the previous beta, and made the update, now it’s OK DB9768.
Seems there is a problem when doing a fresh install.

Weird behavior.

Comodo says that the DB of 9768 is up-to-date, but would that would be for the standard release, not the Beta?:

My Beta 2 version shows DB 9768, but the file size is much smaller. Before the update, the DB size was about 200,000,000 bytes. I wonder what’s up?

Release Notes? 88)

What I was referring to was that some people can’t get the DB to update from 9712 to 9768. I was wondering if the Beta should be 9712 or 9768 because of the difference in DB format? I know that the size is supposed to be smaller, I’m confused on the DB number.

It has to be definitely 9768. I had a look at the base.cav file when i was stuck at 9712 : it was outdated (august 12th).

I think you’re right. Maybe your installation was damaged and stuck on 9712. I just checked my log file and it was August 11th when I had the 9712 DB.