COMODO Internet Security 5.8.202876.2065 BETA Released

Sorry for the misunderstanding. My mistake here.

I used the updater and the database is at 9768 and it is reduced.

Did you do a clean installation?

Due to this new option during installation

I would like to show you my idea:

  • to make users aware that they have it enabled/disabled,
  • to let users decide when have autoCIS/manualCIS

like in BitDefender, i really like it:

Is the auto decide even strong enough??? ??? ??? ??? I would like to see it tested?

I did a clean install on Vmware XP SP3 and I noticed several issues:

  1. the Av database will not update past 9712 despite rebooting and re-updating. There is definitely a worrisome discrepancy with the DB version between clean install and updater.
  2. In the update wizard window shown by morphiusz (configurations tab) - the text describing the 2nd option is absolutely horrific. You need to rephrase the text so it makes sense.
  3. The “do not show this again” option in the geekbuddy ad that pops up after install and reboot does not seem to work. The first couple of times I rebooted, the window kept appearing.

Yes indeed. Any word on what is going on here, Egemen?

I like the memory usage, 8-15MB for the whole suite. Really good.

What the AUTOCIS exactly does? what it change in the configuration?

It’s something new or a change in the default settings?

It enables the Do not show popup alerts setting and sets it to Allow requests.

wow never thought comodo would do something like this.
im curently updating cis in a clean vm with default settings so lets see how it does.

Nice and clean update. Updated without any issues. Running nicely around 16K with 2 process. Currently running sandboxie and mamutu along side without any problems. Yet.

after reboot i found that av is set to auto quarantine firewall is set to allow request but defense + has that option unchecked.

Currently liked the beta pretty well and happy to use it though few Pros and Cons

  1. Limited support of themes though GUI better than before (could be better considering normal users)

  2. Ram and CPU usage far more high while scanning than previous version 5.5
    Note:-Below USage of v5.8

  • Ram fluctuated between 40mb to 95mb (cmdagent.exe)
  • CPU fluctuated from 5 to 100 % (cmdagent.exe)
  • Ram fluctuated between 5mb to 20mb which is ok (cfp.exe) This is the GUI
  • CPU fluctuated between 0 to 6 % (cfp.exe) This is the GUI
  1. Scanning window now shows percentage complete which is better than 5.5 though the scanning is slower than 5.5
  • 5.5 Full scan time (1 Hr 15 Min)
  • 5.8 Full scan time (1 Hr 29 Min)
  • Both version tested same day with same number of files and programs running and same settings (Heuristics Set to High and all settings enabled in realtime and manual scan)
  • 5.8 has same detection as 5.5 But Better Cloud Integration
  • both detected same virus in manual scans but could not detect the virus in realtime (dont know why)
  1. Full Scanning in 5.8 makes the computer unresponsive and slow at times (Due to high CPU usage) it even slowed the CIS GUI most of the time making it unresponsive 5.5 did not slow the computer or the CIS GUI in any way

  2. Boot time took 1 second less in 5.8

  3. I had a web install and i must say was very happy to use the web install since while downloading i restarted the computer to see how the downloading was affected and after restart i again tried to install and it resumed from where it had stopped which is good for slow internet users who always have a network loss
    (comodo finally fixed this ) thanks

  • Updates are still cannot be resumed so if it fails due to network loss or other reasons u still have to download it from start not good for slow internet users who always have a network loss ( updates still large 135mb) while updating
  • For some reasons web installer installed CIS in Program files x86 Directory By default (should have been installed in Program files since 64 bit operating system)
  1. Since still in beta hope they fix most of the above problems

Note:- Tested on Hardware
Acer Aspire 5738Z (windows 7 x64 Ultimate Service pack 1 with all updates)
Dual core processor T4200 (2.0 Ghz , 800 MHz FSB ,1 MB L2 cache)
3Gb DDR3 Ram
320 GB HDD

Along with following Softwares
Comodo Internet Security Beta 5.8.202801.2064
Zemana Antilogger
Speedfan 4.44
Secunia PSI 2
System Explorer
Intel Rapid Storage Technology

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I wish Comodo would get rid of the yellow shield/“you have not performed a full scan yet!” message. Full scans take too long, and I know my machines are clean. Yet I am forced to do a full scan regardless, or I am stuck with the yellow shield.

You can add a rule to the exculsion list befeore CIS performs full scan.

After the scanning process is complete, just delete the rule >:-D

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Thanks. Nice work around.

Thanks! Works like a charm! Scanning time 1 minute.

Will we be able to update to the final through the beta, or will we have to do a complete uninstall / reinstall?

good work guys!
keep it coming…


I am not sure how this would go, but it is nearly always recommended to do a clean install coming from a beta.