COMODO Internet Security 5.8.202876.2065 BETA Released

Not able to change the theme from the default. I choose ‘Windows Theme’ for instance, close the window, re-open and it’s back to ‘COMODO Default Normal’.

Anti-virus database has fallen from 100 MB to 0 MB. :slight_smile:

I am having the exact same problem does melih or any admin know when this will be fixed?

That’s it… 8)

The process has finally ended… It was a full 140 MB download (from version 9712 to 9778),

but, surprise…the bases.cav file in scanners folder is still 92 MB

You mean it finalized? Here it is still finalizing. 40Mins have passed.


It took a lot of time for me too (60 min approx…), but in the end it is the good news.

May be I am lucky today… :stuck_out_tongue: 8) :-*

50 Mins have passed here too. Lets wait for few Mins & see I am too lucky or not.

Here it is XP Home SP3 32 Bits. Whats your system?


Took around 5 minutes for me. Win XP Pro, SP3.

It was said that in the scan results window, the default action for “clean” button would be “quarantine”, but it is in fact “delete”. I checked it twice…

am I missing something here ?

You can see it in my signature. Win7 SP1 x64

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It mentions are you sure you want to delete but actually quarantines. Its quarantining here. Both Realtime & Manual.


Thanks for the info… I completely missed it…I verified my Quarantine, they are there.

Still, the message is confusing…

App. 70 Mins have passed & still finalizing. Think I will have to end it.


Cancelled it.

Yes the message should be changed to show Quarantined instead of deleted…

I assume the new AV base means I can’t install the new Beta and update with a copy of the bases.cav from the previous version as I’ve been doing. Is there a link to a copy of the new definitions file for direct download on a faster connection than I have at home?

That is not possible. However you could install the first betam copy the bases.cav from v 5.5 and then use the program updater to update to the beta 2 release.

Is there a link to a copy of the new definitions file for direct download on a faster connection than I have at home?
The latest full database can be found [url=]here[/url] and follow the instructions as described in [url=]Where can i download the latest full AV database?[/url].

Keep in mind that after installing the latest full database there is another download of approximately 60 MB of incremental updates.

I always do clean installs for new program version because I can download the installer elsewhere and at home I have dial up.

60MB? Still a problem…

I Dont Know if this is a BUG or WISHLIST but it wuld be better if online file lookup had an option to hide while lookup like in submitting window since there is only an option to abort and while lookup the CIS window has to be opened which is very irritating since i have a very large database of files for lookup

Screenshots attached

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Great!! Finally i could install CIS 5.8 on my pc…I don’t know why, but I coudn’t with the previous release… :-TU

I had issues with the prior release also.

Wishlist. :slight_smile: